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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Meaningful Quote


"Kind hearts are the garden.

Kind thoughts are the roots.

Kind words are the flowers.

Kind deeds are the fruits.

Take care of your garden.

And keep out the weeds.

Fill it with kind words and deeds."

--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

picklepoo 2

This is such a lovely quote. Thank you so much to Gollum for bringing it to my attention.


I don't just read the words when I saw this quote. I read the meaning. If you look hard enough you can take meaning from this quote to use in your life. If more of us put the meaning of this quote into practice...this world would be a much nicer place to live in!


As of late many wonderful people have been under attack by one or two very bad trolls on RMS. What these trolls do not that with each attack they are strengthening the bond between those that have been brought together from these acts. I already had so many beautiful friends on RMS before the trolls, but never knew many of the close friends that I now am enjoying. I knew them all...but was cordial and friendly. It wasn't until the events of recent times that I have gotten to see what good can come from a trying time.





I am thankful for the beautiful friendships that these trolls have planted in my garden of friends. The closeness and the support are all the blooms that any of us need. It makes sense that every garden has a weed or two to pluck out and leave to dry on the sidewalk. I have to wonder...if the trolls had some strong and beautiful friendships to gaze upon in the daylight, would they be so angry?




I have to thank the weeds for making my flowers stronger. You will never know the joy, your seeds have sewn for me. My friends have been like a rock for me to rest on, lean on and we grow closer and more solid with each day.


Who would have thought a troll (with her yellowed crooked teeth and green fingernails) could do so much good?

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.


Tootsie said...

For the troll that seems to like me more each day: I no longer can hold you in the angry place. I will tell you again how I pity you with your murano glass and all your material things. For when you tell me about all of your store bought "loves" and new furniture every two years, you forgot to mention the loving family that supports you. We have all heard about how you are "emailing". No one in their right mind would draw a bunch of grown -ups into this ridicuous issue. It is so obvious that you are so angry and mentally ill that you have made up all these I.D's to further your own cause. Please get to the place where you are able to forgive yourself. You deserve to have happiness, and by forgiving yourself, you are letting your anger go. I and the others have already forgiven you for what you "think" you have done to us. We are also thanking you from the bottoms of our full hearts! are the reason we all feel so happy in the last few days. I for one, know without your anger and crazyiness...we would never have gotten this closeness that we share because of you! I do hope that you will seek the help you desperaptely need, and stop bothering us all.

Shelia said...

Hi Tootsie. Darling, it is so nice to be a flower in your garden! I am so honored you would even put my little humble space here. I consider you a wonderful friend to have. Your wit, humor and your wonderful green thumbs are amazing to me. The poem is wonderful and is so true to this life we live. It's so much easier to be a flower, , in my opinion, than to be a weed. I would like to think our friendship is the Miracle Grow!! Keep growing my wonderful friend! :)pp ~Shelia

Picket said...

Morning Toots..beautiful post girl!...hope you had a wonderful weekend..You ask me about the frames on the pics...I use picnik and picasa..they are free downloads and you will love them for all the effects especially picnik...the picasa lets you make beautiful collages...hope the sun is shining on your side of the mountain sis..have a great day!

dory said...

Good Morning Tootsie my friend,your blog is a wealth of information and an example of what good people do to share the beauty of the world. You have always been an inspiration to me and now that I've gotten to know you better my admiration has grown even more. You are my kind of woman, strong, intelligent and compassionate. Doesn't hurt that you are a plant fanatic too. :-). Keep spreading your love and beauty. and making us all smile. love ya.....Gardengirl

Anonymous said...
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Tootsie said...

Dear SA....I respectfully decline learning from anyone that cannot spell....but perhaps since you seem to be flaunting that you are so very might consider getting some of that money together and hire a mental health professional..who knows, maybe they will get along with the gardener and all of you personalities. No one here is stupid. WE ALL know that you have much more than 2 memberships to RMS...your constant protest of this fact, proved it time and again. Thanks again for the giggle!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Toot, Thanks for including me in your blog! I feel honored. But I want to address s.a. here if you don't mind...S.A., If I have hurt you , I want to say, I'm sorry. I can't help but get mad from time to time. I just felt so unfairly treated by you and came back fighting. I don't want to fight anymore. Could we please just agree to leave one another alone? Go ahead and re-post, I will stay away. Rate yourself all you want, just don't down rate me. Lots of people cheat on here, there's a bathroom right now that I am watching...For weeks I watched you down rate my driveway and lots of others spaces. It was not hard to see . If you had only been rating your own space and left mine alone I would have never said a word. I would love to hear that you are willing to let it go. This is so childish and stupid, I am so embarrassed by it. My family has teased me and I would die if my friends ever found out about it. I don't want to play anymore. I am done! I hope to hear that you are as well. thank you , vickydarnell

Anonymous said...
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Gloria said...

Tootsie I left a comment here early this am and don't know where it went. But any hoo wanted to tell you I loved the poem one of my Favorite and You dear friend are the sun flower in my life with with always bright color and your strenght to reach the sun. Flowers are like people Roses are so preety to look at and smell but also watch out for the pricks. You have collected a beautiful bouquet of flowers with your friends. We all love ya girl and keep reaching for the sun to brighten your day and make you grow stronger. I am proud to be in your friendship bouquest. Hugs and smiles.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I love your post!! You said it all!! Luv Ya!! Terrie

decorator101 said...

Tootsie, it's been a whirl wind of a day. Thanks so much for including me with all of these distinquished and talent gals/guys. I truly feel honored.
I can see where some people still just can't play nice and appreciate the true beauty that flows from your spaces and this blog. I think you pretty much said it the way it is.( I posted some peonies this a.m. before leaving for the day, they were at 4 when I left, a bit ago down to a 2, 85 hits and 4 comments, I pulled the peonies. Apparently they didn't measure up.) Hugs to you dear heart. Lynne

twizzis said...

Toots, much to my surprise thank you so much for featuring my garden space. As a matter of fact, I want to use this opportunity thank those that I can call friend...and numerous are they not only in real life but in my cyber life. I'm proud to say that their characteristics are consistent with my values of dependabilty, empathy, honesty, undertanding and loyalty. Trust supports all these behaviors and I'm proud to proclaim you and so many others as friends with that one extra trait called...integrity.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Very well said! You have a great way of looking at things.

Phyllis(Penndelgirl) said...

Well, here you are. I have been looking at your family pics and reading here on your blog. You are a very sweet young lady. I don't know if you are still on RMS. If you get a chance, come meet me and my hubby of 38 yrs. on the updated master bedroom, pic#5. Would love to have your comments on my rooms again. I can't believe how nasty some people can be, but, in the long run, they are going to have to answer for their deeds in this life. As far as I am concerned, we walk this road one time, let's do it right. Love ya, friend. Beautiful home,and beautiful family.Keep smiling that happy smile. Phyllis in SC(Penndelgirl) Do you talk to Irene from rms? If so, please tell her hello for me. SUre miss her.