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Friday, November 25, 2011


due to the week being so busy for so many of you all...I have decided to postpone this Friday's flaunt so that you can spend more time with friends and family...we will be back up and flaunting again Next Thursday!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Eat some pie for me....Lots of pie!


Sandy said...

Your so right about needing more time to be with family.. I came in to check in blog world and do not have a post ready for Fertilizer Friday...As for the pie, I have many... just had slim slices of Apple, Pumpkin and cheese cake all on the same plate.... my bad!
Happy Holiday!

Sonia said...

Happy Thanksgiving Tootsie!
Miss Bloomers

Autumn Belle said...

Happy Thanksgiving! May you have a wonderful time and lots of rest.

Karen said...

Hi Glenda, hope everything is going as smoothly as possible. Thinking of you every day and sending a big bunch of encouragement your way!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Thinking of you and sending strong and strengthing hugs. Hang in there.