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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A “Gnome-ing” in Wainwright.

As many of you know, I have been under a tremendous amount of stress as of late, and I needed an outlet for some fun. I have been trying everything I can do to distract myself from things…and I think I might have found it. The following is an account of a “Gnome-ing” in Wainwright. Grab a coffee and have a seat…this is going to be a silly story!
It all started when I was picking up a few of my garden supplies from out at the farm. I was in the greenhouse out there, when I spotted three of the ugliest garden gnomes laying in the corner. It was then that the game began!
I stole those ugly gnomes… Yes…yes I did…right under Grampie’s nose…
grampie game 1
I gingerly set these three in the box of my truck and sped off for home! Knowing that my Dad (AKA Grampie) hates garden gnomes…I was on a mission! I quickly stopped off at Grammie and Grampie’s house…to hide one little gnome in the hedge at his house!
IMAG0203 grampie 2
The plan was just to hide one at a time…to tease him a little bit…and then that would be the end of it…ya…right!
IMAG0205grampie 4
It was early in the spring, and I figured that he would see it and shake his head…but he didn’t!!! He just ignored it and left it there for another full week!!! This was NOT acceptable!
SO… I hid another gnome! How dare him not acknowledge my prank!!!
And again…he ignored my “gnome-ing”… or so I thought.
One day, about a week after the second “gnome-ing”, he asked me if I had found the gnome he’d hidden in my yard. I immediately went home and searched and searched and searched…but to no avail. I could NOT find that gnome…he must have lied to make me look for something that didn’t even exist right??? WRONG.
The next day, I was outside…and just happened to be looking at the tree outside the greenhouse…and there it was!
That brat had hung the gnome way up high on the branches of the tree!!!
How the heck did he do that without me seeing him??? He sneaked over in the very early hours of the morning, with a ladder and put it up…and then sneaked away before anyone saw him!!!
This…was a good one…but I thought I could do him one better!
Over the next few days…I pranked him a few more times…just easy ones, to throw him off track……(and they pranked me back ) and just waited for the perfect time to pull off the best “gnome-ing” ever!!!
With the help of a cowboy and the kids, (What??? Grammie helps Grampie!!! I need a team too!!! ) I sneaked over to their house one afternoon while they were at work…I pranked my little heart out!!! hee hee!
I then went home and waited. I phoned and told them they’d been “gnomed”, and then waited until it was time for them to come home.
We all hid across the street and waited for them to get home. SHHH!!!!!!….here they come!!!
We watched them walk very SLOWLY around their property…looking for signs of a “gnome-ing” Grammie actually appears to have long legs in this photo…ha ha ha! That’s a joke all in itself!
I think he found one!
Ha ha! Not a gnome…but hideous!!! Hey…he started it!!! He put this in my yard once or twice too!!!
Looks like he found another!!!
ha ha ha!!! He just HAS to take it down right that minute! Ha ha!!! You all wonder where I get my ‘patience’ from…ha ha!
Where were we hiding that we are seeing all of this so very clearly???
Laying under the hedge across the street of course!!! I was laying there for almost an hour taking lots of photos…it was fun!
I had a perfect view of everything they were doing…it was so funny!!!!
yep…we were laying right there on the corner watching the whole thing!
You should have seen the looks we were getting from the traffic coming down the street!
After they had found all but one gnome…I thought they were giving up…
ha ha ha!!! They found it! Grammie saw it first…and showed Grampie…ha ha!!!
I wonder if he’s proud of my sneakiness!!! I learned it all from him!!! ha ha!!!
There it is!!! WAY up high on the top of the flag pole that they have a Virginia creeper climbing up! ha ha ha!
Check out his profile! ha ha ! As it turns out…This… the mother of all pranks…sort of backfired on this Tootsie
Once the two old poops had found every gnome I had hidden…I phoned them from our hiding spot and told Grammie to turn around very slowly and wave…When she finally saw us…she screamed with delight at how stupid we must have looked spying on her and Grampie! We then went over there…exchanged a little trash talk about getting each other back and walked home.
On the way home…Grammie and Grampie drove past us very slowly…and then sped off to my house to try to get me back…and the game continues…
It is just so much fun to play with my parents!!! ha ha! Sneaking up on them when they are home…driving by their house very slowly and taunting them a little…oh and they do it right back to me!
It seems that there are also a few people in town and some via facebook…that are following the gnome game…and enjoying every silly minute of it!
I wonder who will get “GNOMED” next!!!
Thanks for stopping by and taking in a “Gnome-ing” or two!
Until Next Time….Happy Pranking!
*)*)*) to my fabulous three! Recently, I have come to realise that the JOURNEY OF Life sometimes doesn't begin until after the fork in the road. Loving my life,now!!
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