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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The UGLY Pink Chair.

In an effort to keep myself busy so that I am not out in the greenhouse sowing seeds like a maniac, I decided to turn my attention to a few things that I would like to do inside the house.  I am trying to keep things down to a dull roar in the greenhouse right now as I am going to be away on a little trip for a few days, and Grampie will be left in charge of making sure nothing dies while I am absent.   I figure that if I don’t have an overwhelming amount of seedlings going, it will be a lot easier for him to manage, and nothing will suffer an untimely death.    Right Grampie???   :)

...anyways…back to the story at hand…it all starts out…

On New Year’s Day, we went to the Antique /collectables /furniture Auction that is held annually in the town where I live.  There are all sorts of wonderful things that go through the sale, and it does go fast.   It was a good day…we even brought an item home with us this time! 

Now before I show you all the photo of that item in question…you must promise not to laugh at me.  It is absolutely not something you would ever see me purchase without an ulterior motive…(which I did indeed have!)


Hey!   YOU!…Ya YOU!…STOP LAUGHING AT ME!   I knew it was pink…and I knew it was a little “off” for a Tootsie  type item, but I can see past that horrible fabric…geez…a girl can’t catch a break even…


It has good bones…but it is a little TOO old lady for me…and we all know I do like my old lady style…but it has to be Tootsiefied …just a little.

For crying out loud….STOP LAUGHING AT ME AND MY UGLY PINK CHAIR!  Even Grammie curled her nose up at it a little…and my kids…they were all “MOM!   Do you KNOW what color that is????”

Ya...well not for long!


I started by ripping off all the old trim…and giving the tired old wood a nice coat of glossy black paint.


It already looks better!

Next up is a layer of batting, and some fresh new fabric.

I got the batting all placed and secured…and started to put on the new fabric…sounds simple enough…I have done much harder pieces of furniture in my past…I should be able to knock this chair right out of the park with no problems…right? 

WRONG.   I got the seat part finished up…and started on the backrest…and hit a huge snag…I tried and tried and tried….but to no avail.

I decided that before I throw the stapler through the living room window in a fit of rage and defeat…I would have to swallow my pride, and ask for help.

I put the tools down and walked away…contemplating my next move…I even went back and tried again really quick like, just in case I could save myself from admitting I couldn’t do it…but no luck.

I had to make the walk of shame to the phone and call in the big guns.  Yep…I had to call GRAMMIE in to help me.


Well… Grammie agreed to come help her lil Tootsie.  She showed up the next afternoon and got straight to work…She is an old hat at this type of thing. I can’t even count all the beautiful pieces that she has recovered in new fabric…like a pro! If you look closely, you will see her tiny little hand in the photo above!


Things were starting to look a little like progress!!!


LOOK AT HER GO!   She’s working so fast that it’s just a blurrrr!!! :)


I think it is right about now that my son realizes what is happening….”guess what Grammie….MOM ASKED FOR HELP!”    ya…let’s rub it right in…ya know?


LOOKIN GOOD GRAMMIE!   I might even offer to feed you!  :)


I like it so far!


I'm not running a coffee shop here!


OOPS!   I think she just realized I’m taking pictures of her…!  hee hee!


Well….at least she did her nails…that’s about all she did…ha ha…it’s her day off…so I suppose we can let it pass for now.  You’d think she would know better by now wouldn’t ya?   She should know I am going to take pictures!!!


Grammie…you did a damned good job!!!  I love it!   All it needs now is for me to add some trim!

I suppose I will feed you supper for all that good work!   Lucky for you, I made a nice dinner!!!


I couldn’t find the trim that I really want to put on, so I put on some plain stuff for now…when I get to a place what has sewing supplies, I will for sure pick some up…I want something FUN to add to this serious looking chair.


I am thinking of a trim similar to the one I put on the old settee that I did a while back. 


For now it looks good!


I love the colors together!  Black and Taupe are such an appealing combination!

           before                   after    


Now…it looks like it belongs in Tootsie’s living room!

Thank you Grammie!!!   I could not have done it this nicely without your help!

I can’t hardly wait to find some fun trim to add to this chair…not that it wouldn’t be fine without it.  I just love the results!

…and that is the story of how I got out of the PINK!

Until Next time…Happy Decorating!

*)*)*)   " It doesn't matter how many times you fall down, it matters how many times you rise.”

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