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Sunday, October 27, 2013

If The Walls Of This Old House Could Tell A Story…The Master Bedroom

Four weeks ago, I began sharing the most wonderful junkin’ project of my life thus far.   The renovation/ transformation of a 108 year old house that my Cowboy grew up in, and now owns. 
The house was in a nasty state of disrepair inside and out, and in desperate need of some attention.   I spent a little time chatting up my Cowboy, talking him into Tootsifying the old place a little bit…okay…who am I trying to kid here…Tootsifying the place a LOT.  He finally agreed…and we got started.
The Cowboy is an avid hunter, and always wanted to have a place to crash during hunting season.  He tends to hunt in Minburn county,  (where the old house is located) and having an option to stay would be wonderful, as we live in another town about an hour away.

The old lady is getting a renovation, cleaning and total make over.  She is going from a ruin…to a cowboy/hunting/rustic hideaway. 

The transformation has been fun - fun - fun!!!

Since I shared the small bedroom last week, I am going to share the master bedroom today.
Lets get started! 
THIS nasty mess is the master bedroom!   The wallpaper is faded and falling off…the plaster is crumbling and it needs a LOT of work.   The kind of work that we do NOT have the time to do right this minute as hunting season is almost here.   I need to come up with a way to make this room suitable to sleep in…and I need to do it fast!   My Cowboy is certainly lucky that his Tootsie has a very good imagination…and a pile of energy.
I contemplated this room while I cleaned out the clutter and garbage on the floors….
I had a lot to do in this room, so I brought in the “troops” to help!   My two oldest kids were happy to help me clean out the room and pull off some of the hanging wallpaper.   In all honesty, they were absolutely delighted to pull OFF the wallpaper…They are normally not supposed to be touching the walls of any house…so demolition type activity is a real treat for them!  lol
Since we are planning to do some serious work on these two walls…but not this month, due to time restrictions, I decided to seal in some of the ICK with a nice thick coat of paint.  I was happy to use up the last of the old red paint that I had kicking around, so that part of the project was free…!  YAY!    I then painted the baseboards, and the other two walls with the plateau gray that I painted the walls of the small bedroom with.
Once the walls were dry…
I grabbed some of these…
….and attached them to the walls like this.
I put up several across the top and the bottom of the red walls.

I then cut some copper pipe.

I just know you are wondering what the heck I am doing…so I will just get to the point.
I had several sets of sheer curtains left over from my old house.  They are in a taupe color and right now I am hnot using them.  They are taking up valuable storage space in my house, and I just knew I could make them work in this room.
Lucky for me, the Cowboy had replaced all the plumbing in the house the week before, while I was working on the small bedroom,  and he had a nice pile of copper pipe sitting in the back yard on the scrap pile.  I needed some nice strong curtain rods, in a nice long length…and that copper pipe was just screaming my name!

I headed out to the pile…and brought a bunch of those lengths of copper pipe into the house.   I cut it, and pieced it together with pipe collars that we picked up at the hardware store, and made myself a custom curtain rod!
I threaded the sheer curtains tightly onto the copper pipe that I cut, both top and bottom.
I then set the top rod of the curtain on TOP of the L brackets that I set up earlier.   The nut and bolt are there to hold the rod from rolling off the bracket.  I then put the bottom rod UNDER the bracket…the nut and bolt are pointing downward to hold the rod in.
The bottom will look like this!
This is what the two walls that we will not have time to repair completely look like now!

The curtains cover the red paint that seals the walls…and it softens the room nicely!
I then added some nice cream colored bed sheet curtains the same way that I did in the small bedroom…and was good to go!
Walls, ceiling and trims are all done in Plateau Gray…and the floor got the rosy color that we like to call a happy accident…as we ended up with a custom color…and the room is ready for furniture!
My Cowboy was away at work for two weeks, while I was playing in this room among other things.

When he got home, I took him on a little tour of his old home…

He was certainly surprised to see the changes I made to this room…he loves the curtained walls!   He even commented that maybe we should just leave them up for good!
So?   How did I do?   Do YOU think this quick fix will make this room comfortable enough until we get some time to get in there and fix those nasty walls???

This is where I am going to leave you for today.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the custom furniture I am making to put in this old house…I will be posting a tutorial in the next day or two!

Until Next Time…Happy Junkin’/ Renovating/ Decorating!
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