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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tasks: The Greenhouse in April

Many greenhouse growers use their greenhouses for a short period during the warmer months of the year, but there are a small percentage of us that grow year round!

This month by month outline will share what tasks may need to be done year round.
Keeping in mind that I garden in Alberta Canada, (zone 2) the outdoor growing season is from mid to the end of May until the hard frosts take my gardens in mid to late September or early October. If your climate is a bit milder than mine, you can adjust your greenhouse schedule to suit your climate.
This schedule is made for a plan to plant outdoors in Mid to late May.
Happy Spring!!!
As we have just passed the official date that marks the first of the warmer season, we have Lots to do in the greenhouse!
In my case, all but a couple varieties of seed have been sown, and things are growing like crazy!
This is an unusual year…the photos that I am sharing in this post are from 2010…as this year we still have 3 feet of snow on the ground! It has been a LONG winter, and it is not as warm as normal…spring is a bit delayed. So…I am going to give you the regimen that I use on a regular year!
This month, we need to focus on the plants…the watering and the feeding and the ventilation!
*High day temperatures can be a problem this month. Regular ventilation is essential. Make sure your ventilation systems are in good working order this month…you will need them!
*Some shading will be necessary in cloudless, sunny weather. I hang sheer curtains  or inexpensive thin white bed sheets as a shade barrier on the roof of the greenhouse.
*Keep watch for pests. Greenfly, whitefly, vine weeval and red spider mite are all active now, as are the aphids.
*Regular feeding is essential. Do not over-feed, and make sure not to feed seedlings too early!
*The need for night heating is reduced this month, but be careful. If you have a cold snap young growth is especially susceptible. Watch your thermostats!
* regular watering regimens are very important this month. I use the garden hose, but always make sure I have a reserve inside just in case!
*thinning seed flats that may have been over seeded is important to avoid overcrowding, (which causes disease)
*re-seed any varieties that may have had sparse germination…there is still a little time before last frost!
*maintain clean conditions in the greenhouse …
*keep our greenhouse journals up to date!!!
* April is the month that I like to start planting the hanging baskets and container gardens for my patio. This is always so much fun!
*closer to the end of the month, if the weather conditions are right, there is always the option of bringing some of the plants outside to begin the hardening off process that we will focus on next month.
I will see you again in May with more greenhouse tasks!
What tasks do you do for the month of April in your greenhouse?
Until next time….Happy gardening!
*)*)*)   don't ever settle. go for what you want no matter how hard you believe it is to obtain.
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NellJean said...

It's such a pleasure to take a virtual walk into your greenhouse, call plants by their names, look to see what has grown since the last peek and imagine what summer is going to be like!

Our climates are so different, it is as if we are a world away. Down here in the Coastal South, plants are leaving the greenhouse daily. As the temperature outside heats up the inside is tolerable only because of ventilation and mechanical misting. We've rearranged so that certain plants can remain inside if needed and some perennial cuttings and seedlings can stay. Most of my potted plants go outside to shade where they remain until late fall.

Your tips are always pertinent; most just apply in different months here.

Country Gal said...

Oh it all looks so lovely ! WOW ! I would love a greenhouse like that full of wonderful plants ! Awesome green thumb you have ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Scotkat said...

Glenda what a fantastic Greenhouse you have and its full.

Becca's Dirt said...

I don't greenhouse garden but you amaze me with how much you are able to do. Can't wait till the snow melts and you get all your babies in the ground. I just updated my blog - check it out.

Kalantikan said...

If NellJean's condition is already the opposite of Tootsie's, i wonder where is the correlation for our conditions. Our temperatures are now 35C, very hot and humid. Our important plants needs at least double sheets of black nets not to scorch the leaves, watering is also at least 2x a day. However, in my case i can't do these, at least i don't have very important plants. Most of them are placed under canopies of trees just not to burn.

Your plant are again showing a lot of promise, so i anticipate the very Tootsie-like blooms later.

La Petite Gallery said...

this was so informative, I wish I had a greenhouse. I have my plants in a heated garage with 3 windows for light. Just bought some seeds. Maine is suppose to get snow Friday.
we had one warm day in the high
50's I can't straighten up, planted bulbs, and weeded. Tooo old for this stuff. Happy Gardening. yvonne

Bonita Jane said...

Beautiful greenhouse - what a lot of work (pleasurable I'm sure). Thanks for the tour!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your greenhouse is wonderful! Am looking forward to seeing what you're up to next. Couldn't leave a comment on your latest post, so here I be.

Happy Gardening and I hope all is going well for you and yours.


Nanci Hawkins said...

I haven't planted my seeds yet am i too late? Zone 2

Nanci Hawkins said...

I haven't planted my seeds yet am i too late? Zone 2

Tootsie said...

Hi Nanci
I don't think you are! I know I have planted in April....and even started some in May! Good luck!

Maria @ Garden Spells said...

This is my first time having a hothouse and one day of intense sun after days of snow, destroyed a tray of sweet peas. This is also my first year growing seeds in trays and it has been quite an experience. :)

Tootsie said...

Oh No Maria!!! OH NO! I hope you don't give up...that sun can be a nasty thing if it's too intense. Hardening off and getting them acclimatized to the sun is sometimes a bugger.
TRUST me...I've had some epic fails in my time...lucky for me there was no internet to show them to the world at that time. It's all a learning curve...and we never quit learning.