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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tasks: The Greenhouse In June

Many greenhouse growers use their greenhouses for a short period during the warmer months of the year, but there are a small percentage of us that grow year round!

This month by month outline will share what tasks may need to be done year round.

Keeping in mind that I garden in Alberta Canada,  ( zone 2 ) the outdoor growing season is from mid to the end of May until the hard frosts take my gardens in mid to late September or early October. If your climate is a bit milder than mine, you can adjust your greenhouse schedule to suit your climate.
This schedule is made for a plan to plant outdoors in Mid to late May.


In June, the greenhouse looks very different that it has all year!

Things have been planted in the ground, and the greenhouse becomes a lot less populated by our garden plants. Most (if not all) of our veggie and annual seedlings as well as our summer hardy potted plant, hanging baskets and tender shrubs have been relocated to their summer locations and we can make room for other things growing on in our greenhouses!


In June, I do the following tasks in my greenhouse:

* The heat has been switched to OFF this month. Now is a good time to do any maintenance or repairs to the heating system.

*Shading is now a MUST for any plants that have been let or recently relocated to the greenhouse. The sun is hot and the days are getting longer. Our seedlings and tender plants need protection from the damaging rays of a hot sun. Did you know that plants can get sun burned too?


*HOW DO I KNOW IF MY PLANTS HAVE BEEN SCORCHED BY THE SUN? see Sun Scorch in the glossary…(click for shortcut)

*Ventilation is a very critical element this month. Temperatures are getting high and we need to keep this under control on the warm days. Open vents manually or have them open automatically (depending on your venting system installed in the greenhouse) in the mornings and have them closed in the evening if the night temperatures are cooler. If the night temperatures remain warm, leaving the vents open is not an issue. The regimen you use to open and close vents will depend on the climate you live in.

* Making sure to water regularly any plants that you keep in the greenhouse over the warm summer months. Watering more often is essential in June than in previous months.

* I keep tropical houseplants in my greenhouse over the warm summer months. June is the month when I move them all back into the greenhouse as the annual crop has been moved outside and there is plenty of room for them now.

* My greenhouse gets a thorough spring cleaning, and a new “look” in June…as after I spray and clean everything, I stack all staging and move in the tropical houseplants. I add a small seating area to the inside of my greenhouse at this time.


*Damping down the greenhouse and all the fixtures is a daily task that I do every morning or early afternoon. Not only will damping down moisten and cool the air in the greenhouse, but it will also discourage red spider mites and other pests that enjoy warm dry conditions and may threaten plants.

* “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. This old adage is a great rule of thumb to follow. After the big move outdoors, the greenhouse is practically empty. This for me, offers a great opportunity to completely clean the inside and all the staging etc.

I remove everything from the the inside of the greenhouse, and pressure wash floors, walls, and windows, doors and ceilings.

*Sweep and clean away any discarded plants, dead leaves and spilled soil at this time. Wash any any dirty pots and generally clean any and all staging and equipment that needs it. Keeping the greenhouse clean will discourage insects and other menacing pests from setting up home.

* Stock or re-stock the greenhouse supplies such as soil, plant foods, tags etc.
Take time to relax and enjoy the plants and the scenery inside your greenhouse.

* Don’t forget to update your garden journals!!!!

 Start taking photos of plantings and things in the gardens…this will help you to remember the things you do and do not like for future reference.


I will see you again in July with more greenhouse tasks!

What tasks do you do for the month of June in your greenhouse?

Until next time….Happy gardening!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

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Sarajan said...

The greenhouse is awesome - very informative posting. It must be lovely to sit out there in the evening.

Anonymous said...

I have a garden sign made with an old hand trowel too :)

Christine said...

I am literally sitting here slack-jawed. Just hearing about your greenhouse has overwhelmed me. I just started gardening this year and I know nothing. If you would like to take a look and maybe offer some tidbits of wisdom I would appreciate it. Thanks. Christine (

siteseer said...

I was hoping to do a little weeding while I was home for one short day, but it's raining ;( We just got home from a beautiful vacation in Kauai Hawaii and will be heading off for NY as soon as we get packed. I'd love to stay home and garden with you, but Hubby has a travel bug and travel we must :) Love to garden through you - thanks for doing such a good job for me ;)

Jean Campbell said...

Looks as if you have a happy bunch of houseplants, Tootsie. Your greenhouse becomes a conservatory for the summer.

We've had some cooler than usual cloudy weather lately and more plants stayed in the greenhouse than usually happens in June. I never stop taking cuttings and planting a few seeds.

Most of my residents are near the front on or near the floor and under mist.

It's all fun.

sabri said...

Hey ..I love the little greenhousevsign and what your doing in the garden...wish I had time to blog these days..your doing a great job and its so pretty...I love to look

sabri said...

Hey ..I love the little greenhousevsign and what your doing in the garden...wish I had time to blog these days..your doing a great job and its so pretty...I love to look

sabri said...

Love the little sign

Terra said...

Your seating area in the greenhouse is fabulous and looks like a place to spend happy time. Is that a clock hanging outside? It is cute.

La Petite Gallery said...

This is such a great post. Where do you find the time. I tried the journal, but then forget it. Just too much on my plate, then I will be 80 next year,
so can't gripe too much, still above ground this morning. That's a blessing
to see another Sun Rise.

Tootsie said...

Yvonne! I think that when you are almost have the absolute right to forget anything you want! :) Glad to see you today...thanks for the visit and the comment!

Helena said...

Do you know Emelina Palacio?
She is showing one of your pictures on Facebook in a gardengroup . She says that she has taken the picture at a friends garden and says that anyone can use it...
Just so you know.

Tootsie said...

Thanks Helena. Some people are just SO sad! No...I don't know her and no I didn't know. Shame on her! Thanks for letting me know