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About Me

Allow Me To Introduce Myself!!

I am just a girl…with a blog, a love of dirt, all things junk, decorating, being creative, having fun, friends, family…and ….FLOWERS!


My given name is Glenda, but many know me as Tootsie. I am a single mother of three who lives and gardens in Central Alberta Canada, zone 3. I am a self taught gardener with no formal training, I just do what works for me. I love to grow the flowers and plants that make others smile.

I started Tootsie Time in 2008.  It was my birthday gift to myself.  I was in the throws of the WORST time of my life, and I needed an outlet to distract me of the horrible situation I was struggling to survive in.  In my followers I have found solace, friendship, comfort and so much love and support.  I don’t honestly know if I would have made it through my struggles without the encouragement of so many wonderful hearts.  Those who read, comment and follow Tootsie Time are more than just names on the comment bar, and pictures in the friend connect…they are family.  I may never meet many of you all in person, but I do know your hearts…and I love you all dearly. 

It is now 2013 and I am so proud to say that I have come through hell…and have found myself to be happier than I ever dreamed was possible…I am also so happy to say that I still love my Tootsie Time…and all of you still mean just as much to me!


It was with Tootsie Time, that I got to share my passion for the things in life that make me…well…me!

I have been growing in my greenhouse now for about 11 years and I love every minute of it. I love to grow all my own annual flowers from seed each year. I dream of one day having a greenhouse large enough to be able to make a living, but until that day comes, I am content in my 12x20 one.


I love to go junkin’ and fix old pieces of furniture, do interior decorating and all types of yard and garden work. Everything in my yard has been created by me and I am so very proud to share all my creations both household and garden related on Tootsie Time.

My greenhouse and gardens have gotten my through many a rough time in my life, and I am sentimental about them both, as every thing I do gets a little bit of me. I do hope all who come to my gardens both online and in person leave with a little inspiration, and a smile on their faces.


I may not have as much time as other bloggers to play online and visit everyone of the blogs I so love to peruse…but I do try to visit a few a week, and I will never stop appreciating those who follow, visit and comment.  I always try to do my level best to share, and visit…
If you are already following Tootsie Time, I thank you so much!  If you are new to following me…Welcome…and either way, if I am not already following you…leave me a note telling me that you are not seeing my smiling face in your google friend connect list, and I will run straight over and return the gesture!

(oh..and please note…MY google friend connect gadget does not want to work correctly, so not all of the blogs I follow show up on my sidebar…I go to my dashboard to see you…it isn’t by design that you are not all on there!)

Well…that’s all about me…if I missed anything…please feel free to ask!


Until Next Time…Happy Following!

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