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 It is all about name recognition.  Putting an ad on a successful page such as mine, will give you the exposure that will make your brand/business a recognizable household name!   As soon they see your logo - they will know exactly who you are!  

 Setting an ad with Tootsie Time will give you daily exposure to a substantial readership.  This site  has an average of 7 hundred to 1000 hits per day, and continues to grow daily.  Those who read my articles are looking for creative, quality, affordable ways to do DIY home decor, gardening and decorating projects,  They are looking for ways to do gardening and renovating in a new and simple way.  They like to read about quality time spent on unique and functional projects.

I enjoy using power tools and being creative and independent.  I take pride in creating a beautiful home and gardens, and sharing the how-to posts on some of the projects I create.  I have a greenhouse that I grow all sorts of annual flowers and houseplants from seed.  I often do instructional articles on Tootsie Time sharing instructions on how to easily do many different projects.  My readers often try to replicate these projects, and ask what products, tools, and supplies I like to use most.  Wouldn't you like to have your name mentioned in that list of trusted name brands?

My readers are very important to me, and I will only share things with them that I support or believe in.  My reputation is important to me, and my readers trust and value my opinion.  I do not showcase  or promote everything that is offered to me, therefore, if you have a product you think I’d love and appreciate, please contact me and let me know!   I would love the opportunity to take a look at what you are offering!

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