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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Question answered for a lady in Kansas!

I received this wonderful message in my guest book the other day! (just before I accidentally deleted the entire thing!....don't even ask me how I did that...but I did. I am not replacing it...and it made me very angry that I have lost all your wonderful photos and comments....please stop and comment on my posts instead....I do love to hear from you all!)

"Cheryl L
Kansas City, MO, USA
I just love your Blog ..You inspire me..I was wondering if you would mind e-mailing me your directions on how to make a flower bed around your house with the garden "

Hi Cheryl....welcome to my blog! bet you never thought you would be the topic of discussion when you left the message! lol Unfortuantely, the guestbook doesn't give me your email address, so i cannot just talk in person to you!

I am posting briefly to leave you the link to the post I did about this. If that is not enough information, please let me know in the comments here and I will post some more! I am never at a loss for words about my I love to help!
Click HERE for that post.
Thanks again for visiting!


Darla said...

Well aren't you the sweetest to do this. I love gardening people!!

trash talk said...

You are such a sweetheart to go to this much trouble for a reader...guess that's why you have such loyal readers! Debbie

Betty said...

Happy Day to you!

"Blossom" said...

This was easy for you; but I'm afraid it would take me a lot longer to do this little bed.
Great instructions; love the square cutting of the grass, you're right much easier to carry.
Great information. Have a nice day; garden day.

Honeycats from NC (Patricia) said...

Tootsie, I have been away for several weeks but have enjoyed catching up with your blog. It really has been a blessing in these last few weeks. My #1 cat Smokey who I was blessed to have for nine years became ill, after many weeks of not being able to keep his coat clean, drooling and not being able to eat except on the side of his mouth which was not very pretty, the vet did a biopsy on his mouth, tongue and throat and found that he had throat cancer. The only thing that could have been done was to remove his tongue, give radiation and chemo treatments and tube feeding the rest of his life. So I had to make one of the hardest decisions I have ever made in my life and have him put down. I know it was the right thing to do, thats what I keep telling my self. Everyone else said I made the right decision. I know that I don't want to be kept alive by tubefeedings and I know Smokey would not have wanted that either. So your blog has given me a break from thinking about him and helped me to concentrate on outside and Spring. I am already planning to make him a memorial garden in my yard. He loved being outside, playing with bugs, butterflys and any creature he could find in the yard. He especially like rolling around in the grass. You have given me some very good ideas and plan to use some of them when I start my flower gardens. So thanks again for all the great tips and especially for listening. Sometimes it helps to be able to talk to someone even if it is in a blog.

Twice as Nice said...

Was reading your post about the garbage bag. Great idea. I just love the look of the mossy thing or what ever it is called but it is VERY expensive to replace. Cost around $50 or more last year and I had to cut the stuff to fit. The water just goes right threw it too. I was going to use reg. pots inside of the mossy stuff but maybe I will use a grocery bag for the hanging ones. Great ideas and you have BEAUTIFUL flowers. I just love getting out in the yard and planting. Can run into some $$ cause I do a lot. Have a great day.

Kristen said...

Wow just what I needed too!

What pretty grass you dug up...I will be digging up red clay and weeds

Happy To Be said...

GM Girl I was not here so don't know why you though I was..maybe it was Candace...How have you been..hope life is better for you now..and Girl I still have half a computer here..desktop in shop be done tomorrow YAHOO!! and laptop won't send out emails they get stuck in OUTBOX...and I have done everything to try and fix know its not my Internet service..I opened up Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and Gmail and still won't its this laptop which I will leave at hospital tomorrow when I pick up my desktop one...Oh how easy life was before computors ha ha!! Trust me if its going to break give it to me and it will!!
Anyhoo hope you have a GREAT day and are feeling better now...hugs and smiles dear friend...Gloria

~♥~ Monica S said...

:-) You are such a sweetheart Tootsie!! :-) Glad to have you around! :-)


janet said...


janet said...

tootsie, im glad you are thrilled with your award, you work so hard on your gardens and work so hard helping other people, i really felt you deserve it. Im not the best award designer but i felt you deserved something. What can i say, you are a true sweetie.