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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Question answered for a lady in Kansas!

I received this wonderful message in my guest book the other day! (just before I accidentally deleted the entire thing!....don't even ask me how I did that...but I did. I am not replacing it...and it made me very angry that I have lost all your wonderful photos and comments....please stop and comment on my posts instead....I do love to hear from you all!)

"Cheryl L
Kansas City, MO, USA
I just love your Blog ..You inspire me..I was wondering if you would mind e-mailing me your directions on how to make a flower bed around your house with the garden "

Hi Cheryl....welcome to my blog! bet you never thought you would be the topic of discussion when you left the message! lol Unfortuantely, the guestbook doesn't give me your email address, so i cannot just talk in person to you!

I am posting briefly to leave you the link to the post I did about this. If that is not enough information, please let me know in the comments here and I will post some more! I am never at a loss for words about my I love to help!
Click HERE for that post.
Thanks again for visiting!