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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Powder Room

Today I am sharing a bit of the changes I have made to the interior of my new home. I am sharing the before and after photos of my main floor powder room!


Remember this??? Yep…even Grammie was afraid of the decor in the main floor powder room.


This was the wall paper that was up when we got possession of the house…I had to go…for sure!


First things first…I removed the wall paper…and gave it a coat of nice crisp creamy paint.


I then proceeded to clean like a maniac to get the tile and the fixtures all shined up!


The cabinet over the toilet was there when I moved in…It worked…but I didn’t like being able to see through the glass on the doors…and it was in rough shape…so….I made due with it until I found what I wanted!

Shall we take a look at the finished bathroom???


Come on in!!! Just walk this way!!! The powder room is at the end of the hallway!!!


This is the new look for the main floor powder room!


I found a new cabinet for over the toilet and a free standing tower that match the cupboard holding the sink! I think it looks just right now.


I could not find a medicine cabinet that was in the same color, so I will wait…you just never know…It doesn’t look too bad…and it is in good shape…so I think it works for me.


I added my accordion mirror…and a bunch of accessories…


My old tool box…filled with silk flowers and towels.


I added a canister and some fake spider plants to the top of the medicine cabinet…


Sheer curtains around the tub and some lace on the window look pretty and soft with the natural light…I also added…a plant…(of course!!!)


A garden angel sits on the corner of the tub by the taps…( just cuz she can!)


The free standing tower is full of pretty things…perfumes and toiletries…


I like it!


That completes the tour of my main floor powder room…it is a very teensy room…hard to photograph. I just know you guys are gonna hate the toilet seat cover…but I am one of the last ones alive who still like them…and it hides the ugly toilet seat that is on there for now…ha ha

Thanks for popping in today!!! I hope to see you all back tomorrow for Fertilizer Friday!!! I have lots to flaunt this week, and I know you all do too!

Until Next Time…Happy Decorating!

*)*)*) to my special three …Never dull your shine for somebody else."

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Becca's Dirt said...

I need to go home now and look around and do something to mine. Oh Glenda it looks so nice. I love the dark color you used in the bathroom with the sheers. Very elegant. I love that tub! Great job.

Diane said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! Looks like something out of House and Home. Well done!

Betty said...

Glenda, you amaze me. You are so talented. The bathroom is lovely. It makes me smile to see you making this house a home with all your special touches.

Alberta said...

Incredible transformation Glenda! You've worked hard and the final results are spectacular. Hope you had a chance to soak your aches away in your new powder room. I absolutely adore the classic black and white with splashes of colour and oh, all that sunshine streaming in!

Well Done!!!

Sigrun said...

I love everything you did, but I'm worried about the spider plants catching fire from the light bulbs--those can get pretty hot.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Tootsie ~ I love the new look in your powder room. You could just paint the medicine cabinet to match your other pieces and it would look great. As you know, paint does wonders.

Have a GREAT week in your new home.


NellJean said...

What Flower Lady said....

It's beginning to look like your very own place now.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Great job, as always! You have the decorting touch!

Shirley said...

You did a terrific job! It is gorgeous Glenda!

Patty Sumner said...

Tootsie, it looks great! You are doing a great job with all your remodeling. Keep it up and keep posting... Blessings!

Val said...

Oh this makes me want to redo my bathrooms!! This is gorgeous!

Tootsie said...

those silk spider plants do not touch the light bulbs so I am safe from worry...thanks for mentioning it though!
everyone has been so sweet in comments for this project..thank you!

Betty819 said...

You've inspired me to do some serious thinking about making over my bathrooms. The ugly accordian type shower door broke the other morning in the Master bathroom and they don't make them anymore.(Thank Goodness!) It is an original that the builder installed in these houses back in 1977..I am calling my handyman today and see if he can install a new glass shower door for us. He's hard to get but maybe I can catch him on a slow week. I replaced the toilet in the main bathroom a few months ago.

Suffia said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I love the new look.

Zinnia said...

I can not believe it's the same room. From the shabby dark with this bright modern bathroom. I ällskar curtains to frame the tub with. I wish you a wonderful day! Zinnia

Anonymous said...

Excellent job what a fab transformation.:0)x

Crafty Gardener said...

Such a dramatic improvement. Well done.

Lona said...

Another Glenda magic makeover. The difference from before with that old grass paper until now is amazing. If it wasn't for the tub you would think it was a different room. It is just beautiful now. Your accessories and the darker furniture just make it pop. I love the sheer curtain too. You always blow me away girl. LOL!

The Japanese Redneck said...

You could make a pig pen full of pigs look like a palace full of princesses.

Andrea said...

I wish i am like you in remodelling the cabinets. These now looks like brand new, elegant and inviting. If only doing things like that are as easy here, at least i can do with lesser cost. Oh i am so envious!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LOVE this beautiful Powder Room!!
I adore that tub!
Looking really charming!!