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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If The Walls Of This Old House Could Tell a Story…The Living Room in the 108 Year Old House

For weeks now…7 to be exact, I have been sharing one of the biggest and most enjoyable projects I have ever had the privilege to work on!  For those who missed a few posts, I have been working on a total transformation of the inside of this wonderful little old house in Minburn Alberta!

The house is owned by my very own Cowboy…a kind, sweet, gentle, practical, and simple man.   He did not want to see the old house where he grew up, go to waste, nor did he want to see it get restored to original…or worse…to frilly excellence.   What he wanted for the old place, was a transformation into a rustic, relaxing, country retreat.   He does not intend to live in the house full time, but does want it to be “liveable” for weekends, and during hunting season.

The work in the old house began in Sept. of this year, and has been ongoing.   We were working to have 2 of the 4 bedrooms, the bathroom, living room and kitchen renovated for the month of November…hunting season.   We pretty much achieved our goal, and that Cowboy is right now in his old house with one of his 7 siblings, for hunting season! 

I am currently sharing the transformation of the house, to BEFORE furniture state, and today I will share the living room.
This is the living room during the clean out.   It was filled with all sorts of “lovely” things…such as a huge bathroom vanity, a bunch of nick nacks, old books,  boxes of papers…and a huge pile of cheap laminate flooring that was given to the cowboy by someone.   He didn’t have the heart to say that he didn’t want it, so here it is.     We have our work cut out for us, just getting the room cleared.
We also had to remove the wall in the living room for a bit, so we could fix the electrical and get some power into the bathroom…(I am so excited to share that bathroom…you have no idea)
I think the biggest improvement in this room…might be the removal of this carpet!  I suppose at the time it was put in, it was very trendy…the 70’s are not known for their good taste now are they…haha
Carpet gone…stove pipe still needs to go…but I can work around it for now.
We are not sure exactly WHAT this is on the living room floor…but we ARE sure it needs to be removed…It is hard as a rock and didn’t really seem to have a purpose…lol

The way this room happened…was sort of funny.  I finally got that Cowboy on board to do the transformation of this house.   We managed to get a little work on the bathroom done…toilet installed…YAY!  (no more Tootsie being forced to pee in the trees!!!) …we got the living room emptied out, and that carpet ripped off the floors…then the Cowboy had to go back to work for his 2 week shift. 
By this time I was super excited to get this ball rolling and see some shifts in the way the old house was looking…so…I sneaked out to Minburn a couple of days in a row…and I painted in the living room…

This is the very first room I painted in this house.   I just could not wait to show my Cowboy!
When that Cowboy got home from his shift at work…here it was!   All painted and looking rather different from what he left behind!   He was pleasantly surprised!
After getting the thumbs up on the walls…I started working on the floors.  Lots of little bits of carpet backing to remove.
The floor would have to be painted, as there were a few too many issues for us to resolve if we were to try to restore it.  
So I whipped out our “accidental color” and got busy!
Looks okay with the primer on…BeFunky_019.jpg
…but even better with the top coats! 

I have been doing a lot of planning while I paint in this house…and I have a few items that I cannot use in the house we live in right now, so I think they might be happy additions to this living room…
I think this rug seems to fit right in!

I also have some pretty curtains, and a few odds and ends kickin around that I think I will bring to the project house and see what I can do with them!
Each time I come to work on the house I bring a few little items from the storage unit that belong to the Cowboy.   His Rocking chair…and a few of his trophies are already in the room.  I am not a fan of the dead things on the walls…but that is what he wanted this place for…so that is what he gets.   I am glad they are hanging, as I don’t want to ruin them when I add other items to the décor!

That is ALL I am sharing with you all today!!! 

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this room so far!
The next share of this old house is going to be of the bathroom…I am MOST excited about it…as it is a room like none I have ever had the chance to do.   I LOVE the bathroom in this old place…it is WAY fun!

You do NOT want to miss seeing what my imagination cooked up in there!
Until Next Time…Happy Junkin’/ Renovating/ Decorating!

*)*)*)… Act with integrity in everything you do, no matter how small always do the right thing, cause your children are always watching and learning from your example.

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