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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Tower Of Flowers!

I have a project for this weekend. I will be busy trying to figure out how the heck I am going to get this monster out of my greenhouse! I spent the day cleaning it out and up....and then decided to plant a few more pots with some left over plants. This is what I ended up with!


This is what happens when you have lots of pots, and a few plants left over...combine that with a thought that popped into my head about one similar to this that I was in love with that was made from different sized livestock feeders but was VERY expensive. I figured I would make my own version.


Please remember that this is a newly planted pot, or should I say pots...and it needs time to become established! A little time and fertilizer and this baby will look like a flower fountain! At least I hope so!


The bottom pot is 24 inches in diameter and they graduate to a 10 inch pot. All the bottom three are planted with wave petunia. The top two are regular petunia.
Did I mention that I still have to take this out of the greenhouse? ugh. I also have NO idea where in my yard I will put this monster!
Wish me luck!

Until next time…hugs and smiles!
Have a safe and wonderful weekend friends and we shall see you next week!

happy gardening!

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Anonymous said...

WOW This is great wished I could do the things you do with flowers. just a wonderful idea toots. way to go girl. maybe I'll try this one.thanks

Anonymous said...

What a beauty this is. I know you're wondering where in "your" yard you're going to put it. No worries. Leave that gorgeous plant outside the door and I'll be very quiet picking it up. I promise to take pictures so you can see it via the internet. I know you have a very giving heart and you won't miss this one itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, little plant. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with the rest of us. Wishing you and yours a great w/k. I'm sure we'll be talking. Hugs to you dear heart. Lynne

Anonymous said...

I can see your flower fountain! It won't be long before the pots are completely hidden. We visit an upscale, open-air mall at the beach that has something like this on a larger scale in square, wooden planters, but the flowers don't cascade down the bottom row. I think it has seats on the front and back. You are such a creative gardener! Fieldstone/Pam

mrsben said...

Oh, I can vision this when it is fully matured. Stupendous!...and to Lynne, as Glenda is only a few Provinces away from me, I will be knocking on her door sometime early this afternoon. I have a direct flight out..ha! Now where exactly in your yard are you planning to place it Tootsie? Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Lynne, Back away Girl, this planter is mine. I'll bring my truck and I'll load it myself. This is beautiful girl. You have too much talent I tell you Please tell me your a lousy cook at least.Love ya girl. Have a great weekend.Hugs and smiles

Betty said...

Stopped by to wish you the luck with this beast! lol Can't wait to see it in your yard, I am sure it will be lovely.


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Hey, girlfriend! I told you you should move next door. Then you could just give it to me!! lol I sure hope your hubby is around to help you move this beauty!
Hugs, Terrie

Anonymous said...

Oh i wish i had such a dilema!!this is so pretty! I know youll find the perfect spot for it, thank you for the previous post, mucho helpful!! Have a wonderful weekend. Melmum

Anonymous said...

Oh NO you don't Mrs. Ben this is mine, I was here first so you back away from my planter. This will do just great in CA. I need it I tell you!!

SG said...

I'm working on a photo! My problem is I never take pics of me, just the girls, AND I never wear makeup. Yikes. If you can't wait to see me there's a pic of my in my Lived In Living Room Post...

Anonymous said...

Hey Toots just making sure my planter is still there haha!! do you have Justine new blog site addy? would love to welcome her to blogland. Hope all is well in Tootsville today. hugs and smiles

mrsben said...

Hi Toots: I see the fountain planter is still here so I gather you are going to keep it? As much as I would love it, I really didn't want to have to arm wrestle Gloria, so I guess like Martha would say "its a good thing". Changing the subject, I popped in to MoonlightandMagnolia's RMS Space and seen her floral icecubes. Out of curiosity, do you ever use any of your flowers in recipes? I have a simple recipe for Sugared Flowers which I 've used a few times for decoration/garnishes but find non- chemically treated ones are difficult to come by. With your green thumb, it might be an enterprise that you wish to explore. ( Just a thought. ) -Brenda-

Anonymous said...

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- Kris