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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

YOU ASKED FOR IT! (part 3)

Nancy (ladyinthehills), left me this question. I already talked to her on RMS, but I have some more suggestions for her since then.

"I am planting a slope in my yard with perennials. Already had lavender,threadleaf coreopsis, sedum and euonymus planted around groupings of rocks and small boulders. Went crazy at the garden center and have planted purple coneflower, black eyed susans, cranesbill, and petite bee balm. Have been keeping pinks with pinks and purples, and blues and yellows together. I'm planting in drifts of 3 a little closer together than I know I should. I need to hold in the soil and I'll gladly divide next year if necessary! Am I going to have a mess here or are 3 plants per type enough to flow as far as color goes??? Dare I put any more types of plants in here or should I just go to 5 of each type already planted??? Will try to post this little hillside on my RMS space tmr. Help, Help, Help! I'm getting worried about this investment. Nancy (aka:Ladyinthehills on RMS) "

I told Nancy that if this were my garden site...I would plant my bum off! I would add lots of perenials to the area ...they will help to anchor the soil so that the water will not wash away your soil and mulch.

I am a more is more gardener. That for me means that I plant everything very close together and lots of it. This means that there will be less weeds, and the ones that appear, will not be as visible. (I hate weeding...I like to put things in, but not pull out)

I have taken the liberty to add a list of additions to Nancy's garden that I think would work wonderfully in the scheme she is using.

Monks Hood (Aconitum)
height: 24" to 6' spread 12-18" flower color: purle, blue or white. Blooms in late summer.

Artemisia ( silver mound)
height: 6"- 2'. Spread: 12-36" flower color: althugh inconspicuous, they flower yellow. This is a foliage plant. The contrasting shades of silver and grey are the main feature.

In the fall you can cut this off and use it for an out door wreath. It looks wonderful and will have a slightly minty scent.

height: 18-36" Spread: 12-18" flower color: white, cream, yellow, pink, orange, purple, blue. some will be bicolored. Blooms: early to mid summer.
Thyme (wooly)This is a photo of wooly thyme. I love the way it spreads out and holds the soil in place. It also smells wonderful when touched or walked on.

Be sure to check with your local garden center for hardiness and placing. I have used all of these in full sun and partial shade in the past with great success. These are all dividable after a couple of years, so you will always have some to share or increase the plantings with!

I do hope I have helped you some Nancy. Remember, I am not an expert gardener...just a girl with a shovel and a passion for plants. Not all of my advice may work in your zone, but I am happy to make suggestions and help in any way. Please be sure to post a picture of your space when the summer has had it's chance to work it's magic on the area!