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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Friendship Flower Pot Garden....

I love the response that my offer of a friendship garden has received! I am a little worried...some of the flowers that have been requested are not easy ones to get seed for, others are not annuals at all...and others are known failures for me...but rest assure...I will do the best I can.

So far my list has become very long. I am getting ready to start planning my seed order here and will do it on Sept 1. (hopefully)

This is the list you have given to me so far...

PC25 (PAM)---Tulips...not a perennial...not sure I can do this one.

JERSEYGIRL ---Felicia Daisy ...not having any luck finding seeds from my suppliers

BEDDOW ---Moss Rose....I assume this is a portulaca? am I right?

LORI BEE --Sweet Potato Vine

MOM (LINDA)--Tulips...again...I will try!

PENNDELGIRL (PHYLLIS)-- Impatiens....I can to that!

NANCY JANE--Alyssum....for sure! Any color in particular?

RAXX --Petunias ...any color?

KADY--Bright Pink Begonia....hope I can start them...have in the past...but minimal luck from seed

JULIE--Black Eye Susan...good choice!

SUE--Zinnia....a new one for me!

SANTAMAKER--Delphinium...these are a perennial...and may be hard to do...can I substitute for Lupin?

JUSTINE--Ornamental pepper.....I think she is just being difficult on purpose...but I will show her! lol

PAT (9405018)--Zinnia...Pale Green....not an easy color to get!

SCHMECKY--Snap Dragons! yea....!!! finally an easy one!

PICKET--Zinnia, Begonia, or Hen and Chicks! ...The last is not an annual...but I have seeds for them!

FIELDSTONE--Red Zinnia....starting to wonder why I don't already have Zinnias!

ONLY ME HERE--Orange Marigold...these are a given! lol

MRS. BEN--New Guinea Impatiens or Calla Lilly....

BUFFIE--Lilly of the Valley....these are weeds here! lol will try my best to do it ...any other choice? in case my neighbors try to kill me?

GLORIA--Sunflower...I did these once...and a storm broke them and broke my heart...will try again...any color preference? there are lots now!

KATHY (ARTIST1111)--Double Cone Flower...will do my best...they will be a new one for me!


Now...ladies and gents...if I missed you on my is not on purpose...Please let me know on the comments...and I will for sure add you on! I hope this works for us! You are also allowed to change your flower choice...that is not an issue for me...I just need to know soon! I also suppose I best go buy some pots and get busy making them with your names....or should I just use markers...oh the choices I have!


Just Between Us Girls said...

I love your idea for a friendship garden and you have many of my favorites already. Zinnas are as easy as marigolds to grow from seed so you will have great success I am sure. I hope everything flourishes.
Have a great week.

artis1111 said...

Oh Boy!!!!I had no idea that you started them in Sept.My niece has an orchid. She boards it till it blooms then she brings it home. Keeps it till the blooms fall off. Them takes it back to stay till it blooms again. I had never heard of this before. Kathy

Nancy Jane said...

Perfect find on the cushions and I love the back cushion! Looks so comfy. Actually, it looks like it would have matched your son's blue choice too! Re: the alyssum- purple if you can, but white is good too. Nancy
PS: Hardly feel worthy to recieve an award! The more I try to finish up what I must do, the less time I have to blog, and I have my grandchildren coming this week! Gotta go get ready...Will try to get the next neglected post ready for tonight...N.

Justine said...

Yippeeeeeeeeee! I thought maybe you'd forgotten about this! When do you start the planting and when do we see the results of it? I love my choice and hey, it's a good challenge for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

bmwgal1948 said...

Hey Tootsie Pop,I am so glad you are back.Betty gave me the message and I just want to say thanks for thinking about me.I love the wicker and the new cushion.I have tried all your suggestions and my flowers never look like yours! Love your blog!


Lisa (aka) French said...

Ok because I am garden challenged I did not know what to request but here goes nothing~~~what about Tiger Lillies? French;)

Jessica said...

Love the new cushions! I so want that table~ it's adorable. Now down to business. Can you fit me in your friendship flower pot garden? I'm kind of small, I promise I won't take up too much A geranium? Or lavender? :)
Hugs again~ J.

Jessica said...

You must have been leaving me a message as I was leaving you a Oh my word, that was hilarious. I'd love to come see DH says I have southern drawl.... and I though he was the one that talked funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tootsie~ I love your friendship garden idea! I used to have a gardeners brunch every year and all my friends would come with a salad and cuttings, extra plants, seeds etc. to share. WE had so much fun! I hope to get it started again next spring in my new place. Please count me in on your friendship garden. My favorite is Bells of Ireland. If you could email your address I am almost sure I have some seeds I could send you- then they would really be from me!!!!

I am sorry to hear about your little pineapple baby getting stolen. I will have to keep a close eye on mine!!!!

Mary :)

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed this one , got doing stuff and didn't git over here .
I would say Red and White candy striped Zennia , so very pretty .
This sounds like fun and so pretty . Go for it girl . Mary

imjacobsmom said...

If I count, add me in I love Petunias any size, any color. Have you visited my blog? I posted pics of my front porch planter. This year I mixed and matched several types, sizes and colors. This sounds like a fun project - what a great idea! ~ Robyn

Bridget said...

I can't belive you don't have any pansies on the list yet. Put me down for them. I'm not afraid to be a pansy! lol

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea, you're so thoughtful!!!! Now as to what's my favorite....hmmm....I think Angelionia, the dark purple, or lavender. I just love it, and I have it in 3 different containers and it just grows and blooms non stop. No pests, (knock on wood:)..and seems not to care about the conditions much either!

Wicked Gardener said...

Will you throw in some cleome or four o'clocks for me? I'm trying both next year and we can be gardening buddies. ;D

Four Paws and Co said...

I'm throwing my wish in here too...

I love violet violas. Do they grow in your area? I also have a thing for ivy leaf geraniums. ☺


Anonymous said...

Tootsie, I don't have a blog but like your idea of a friendship garden. If you would like to add me I would be honored.
I love zinnias especially pink colors.

Jill said...

Okay my favorite flower is a rose! I think they are beautiful! My second is an orchid.

Unknown said...

This is such a cool idea. I'm probably way too late, anywhoo!!
I like Dianthus, Jacobina or Plume,
Cat Whiskers, Pineapple Sage, Firspike....the list is endless. Just throwing in something different.

Unknown said...

oh and wishbone.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

I just love the magic you make with your petunias, which is why I chose them, I cant wait for your beautiful gardens next spring!

as for color, there is a deep purple petunia, that one looks really exotic, or just the lighter purple!

Unknown said...

I hope I'm not to late to be included in your friendship garden. It took me awhile to read all your posts before I got to the bottom to post mine.
My favorite annual is the morning glories. I try to plant a different color on my trellis each year.
The pictures of your gardens are beautiful!!
I have a lot of arthritis in my knees & haven't been able to do a lot of gardening and I really miss it. I've been working on getting the hubby to help me make some raised gardens.
I'm going to keep you in my favorites so I can visit back often.

LillyB said...

Daliahs are my absolute favorite!!
Is that an annual? hehehehe
Love Lilly