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Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Honors! (can't you see me blushing?) AND A SMALL REQUEST FOR HELP

I am so happy to announce that Once again I have received the arty pico award! This time I was given the honors by ColoradoLady! If you have not seen her blog really should give her a visit. Should the link on her name here not work....check my blog list...there are bound to be many wonderful entries that you can read there!

Rhonda at Scooter blu's whimsy gave me her wonderful award. I love to read all that she does on her blog...if you haven't stopped there...please do.

Mary from Mary's Treasured Memories gave me the I love your blog award. I love it! Mary and I met on RMS and have had a friendship since.
Justine from Justine's Cafe...gave me the rainbow award...she thinks I can grow flowers in my bum! lol....she is a good gal with a great big heart and I am lucky that she loves me!

There is also an issue I would like to bring to your attention. When I was re-arranging my awards on my sidebar, somehow I lost the information as to who has given them to me! I can't remember who they are all from! Please leave me a note with which award you gave me so that I can give you credit on my sidebar! I have located most of them in my archived posts...but there are a couple I cannot tag! Please don't feel was an accident!

I have given so many awards in the last few days, that I have decided not to follow the rules completely. I just cannot bear the thought of bugging one more person to stop in for an award. Don't get me wrong....I appreciate this award immensely....I am honored and flattered that anyone would take the time to read my blog, much less think I am worthy of such wonderful gifts!

SOOOOO.....Instead of targeting a bunch of blog friends, I have decided to post this, and let those that have not received these awards yet...take one....on me!

Have a great day all...and thanks again!