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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Plumber's Pipe Curtain Rods (for Livebold)

The other day, while gazing at the beautiful home of our Dear Gollum....I left a comment that included some information about the curtain rods I have made for my living room. This house has so many straight lines and harsh angles, that I thought I needed to soften things a little and have some curves around.
I searched high and low for some rounded curtain rods for my living room windows, but to no avail. So....when has something like that stopped a Tootsie?...never.
Now...keeping in mind that I am by no means a great how-to in the house like our Jules is...but I am about to give it a try! goes.....
I went to the nearest hardware store, and purchased a long length of 3/4 inch plumbers pipe. (the white plastic stuff that is about the same size as a child's hula hoop)
I came home...cut it with a saw to a length 1/2 the size larger than my windows and hung it with traditional curtain rod brackets (available at any wal mart store for pennies a set)
I also had a few straight rod finials left over from a previous project that I had picked up at the local dollar store. I hung those a few inches above the window frame, at a height that would allow my pipe to fit and curve over the window. (this will depend on your window length and how much curve you will be making with the length of pipe you decide on)
I used to have curtains that I made hanging on them, but after the horrible comments on RMS...I have changed them out to some that I purchased.

This is the window with the curtains hanging
just a shot to show that my window is straight as an arrow and how high I hung that bracket/finial thing.
The pipe ....inside the curtains....
a close up of the pipe on the bracket
another...little blurry how they sit on them....believe it or not...they are really sturdy on the brackets.

I have fabric blinds that if we need privacy that I pull. They don't get pulled often, as there is no one next door most of the time, and how much privacy does a living room that we don't often sit in need?
Livebold, if you should need some more information, let me know. I have also used the pipe to make curved rods that look like balloons coming out of the wall along the ceiling too....but that is another post! I do hope that this helped. It was so simple, that I don't really know what else to say!
Stay tuned...tomorrow you will see the wicker love seat that I saved from the garbage....I needed a project...and we are going on an adventure...Gollum will like involves LOTS of spray paint.


artis1111 said...

I was helping on a house that had curved rods, but I couldn" get the valance I had bought to go on, so I pinned with straight pins. Looked good and no one knew. They loved the valance. We ladies like to improvise. Heee Kathy

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely wonderful!! Gorgeous panels and I love the creative curtain rods.

Cathy said...

Hey Tootsie.....I love that clever is that? It may not fit in with my country decor...but I sure might give it a try on one of my rooms. how do you keep those nails so white and perfect, after working in the garden? Gloves?
Have a great day!

Free Art Printables said...

GOod for you! That's a brilliant idea and so inexpensive too! Jen R

Betty said...

Thanks Tootsie for sharing this. I had never realized your windows weren't rounded! I love my one rounded window that I have upstairs and love the looks so I may just borrow it for my bedroom. Thanks for including the pictures, it helps people like me a lot to see it.


By the way I love the curtains you made, you know better than listen to the meanies!

Ocean Hammock Residents said...

Faux arched windows - you're a genius! Wish I'd thought of this idea myself! When I had my window treatment business, arched windows were the toughest to do because you needed custom hardware. Now, anyone can have them. Brilliant!

SG said...

Awesome! How clever of you! And it looks great!

mrsben said...

You are a girl after my own heart Tootsie! I love DYI projects. Your w/coverings look great!!

In reading over your instructions,
you mentioned the cutting length you used. As the rods have an arc, did you mean l l/2 times the window width? (Sewing lingo....smiles.)(I believe you said "l/2 the size larger than my windows".)

Also, you might want to mention the length you cut the pipe will depend on your desired arc projection, plus the window width. (More sewing lingo.)

Love that you included pictures, as they are worth a thousand words.
Verrrrrrry clever!!!

Anonymous said...

Honey, you are going to give our JULES a run for her money!!!! This is brilliant and looks SOOOO great! I am impressed and might try, where can I do this??? HMMMM..... Pinky:)

Buffie said...

Oh wow, those are gorgeous Glenda!!! So are so cleaver girl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the curved curtain rod directions! Please continue to share your great ideas. :-) - SherylCanadianGirl (RMS)

Jessica said...

Okay after I finished drooling all over your beautiful gardens I am amazed at your window treatments. So elegant. You my friend, are talented. :)
Hugs~ J.

nikkicrumpet said...

BRILLIANT! They look awesome and you saved so much money. I love it when people make creative uses of everyday things.

Bridget said...

Toots, Thanks for sharing this great idea! I'm going to store it in my memory bank for later!

Life on the Edge said...

Wow, what a great idea! I'm sure you saved big buckeroos by using the pipe instead of having to special order curtain rods like that! It looks beautiful!


SG said...
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Helen said...

Tootsie! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting these photos and the "how to" ... very, very informative. I would never have dreamed this up. I DO hope you see my thank you as I have been out of town since last Wednesday. Helen/livebold