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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I NEEEEED TO BE A "QUEEN" Please help me!!!

Oh the pain....can't you just feel my pain? What in the world is causing my pain you ask?
The Chrissy at The Apothecary Shop Blog has been taunting you have no idea! (well Cindy has an idea) I want a crown soooo bad...and she just keeps posting her beautiful crowns...showing them off...and getting quite a stash going if I do say so myself! It is unreal how badly I NEEEEEED a crown.... and the worst? Chrissy had no clue she was making me so crazy until the other day!~ this has been going on for a while tho...

Now I thought I was alone in this pain...but got a comment from a wonderful friend, Cindy, (who also has a blog....but I don't want to "out" her addiction to this crown business too much) said to me that she too has been silently hurting for one...or more as well . How can something so so painful? Is it really that bad? yes...yes it is.

I am supposed to be Christmas I go to the gift shop...supposedly looking for a gift for a friend....but NO.....I am looking for CROWNS! And....there are I get discouraged and go home. No gift for my friend...

I am supposed to be getting my kid's skates sharpened...but see a gift shop on the I forgot to sharpen his skates....cause I was looking for a crown....and there are none....I got cranky and went home instead. (good thing they weren't badly dull)

My 9,8 and 3 year old children know Mommy wants a crown so bad....that I know they got me a dollar store tiara for Christmas....even they know how desperate I am!

My 3 year old daughter (Busy) made me an orange construction paper crown at school last ripped and now has a little tape on is just NOT the same! Yes...its orange! stop laughing at me!

I should be sleeping...but NO! I am online coveting the crowns...and searching the Internet for a place to get one for me. Christmas gifts? NO!!!! CROWNS??? Yes!!!!Now can you blame me? LOOK!!!! How wonderful would that look on my head..I mean in my garden/house? It is no surprise that I NEED one! My pain is just great...I am obsessed with being a "queen" so to speak.....does anyone know where I am going to find a crown....(other than the UK?) Guys...this is an emergency...I (and possibly Cindy) could die without a crown....seriously....or my "husband" could end up with an "injury" lol (just kidding) My eyes could get all sunken in, and hair could be all messy....I could WEAR MY GLASSES!!!! It could get really UGLY around here you want to see my glasses? (I didn't think so) Please...if you know where I can get a all means let me know...(and I promise to tell my friend Cindy) ( fingers are not crossed! lol) Keep in mind ...I am a Canadian...and some of these places online are a little sticky about mailing across customs...even if it is to save a life...or insensitive eh?

Don't worry Cindy....Tootsie is ON THE CASE....Chrissy....we will soon stop stalking you with crown comments....(my fingers are crossed) lol

Well? Why are you still here? My head-I mean garden- is still naked!!!! GO PEOPLE! GO! FIND ME A CROWN....OR IT'S OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Oh man? did I say that? yea..I really have to find one soon...

(also...anywhere you see the is not a giggle from a nice is the foreboding cackle of an obsessed Tootsie!)