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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bloggers Prayer


Dear Lord,
Every single evening As I'm lying here in bed,
This tiny little Prayer
Keeps running through my head:

God bless all my family
Wherever they may be,
Keep them warm and safe from harm
For they're so close to me.

And God, there is one more thing
I wish that you could do;
Hope you don't mind me asking,
Please bless my computer too.

Now I know that it's unusual
To Bless a motherboard,
But listen just a second
While I explain it to you, Lord.

You see, that little metal box
Holds more than odds and ends;
Inside those small compartments
Rest so many of my friends.

I know so much about them
By the kindness that they give,
And this little scrap of metal
Takes me in to where they live.

By faith is how I know them
Much the same as you.
We share in what life brings us
And from that our friendships grew.

Please take an extra minute
From your duties up above,
To bless those in my address book
That's filled with so much love.

Wherever else this prayer may reach
To each and every friend,
Bless each e-mail inbox
And each person who hits 'send'.

When you update your Heavenly list
On your own Great CD-ROM,
Bless everyone who says this prayer
Sent up to


I am feeling a little under the weather...and thought this was a good time to post this prayer...if you would like to take it...please do so with my blessing! I have it posted in the sidebar of my awards blog...stay safe and healthy...see you soon


The Muse said...

i hate that you are feeling poorly,still. please get better..your humor inspires me!

love the prayer :)

artis1111 said...

CHICKEC SOUP!!! CHICKEN dance! CHICKEN is good for anything. NOW EAT!!! hehe Hope you feel better!! Kathy

Kristen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.
What a cute prayer!

imjacobsmom said...

Tootsie, Thanks for sharing this - this is so true, I hope you're feeling like your old self soon. I'm forcing myself to go to work today it's hard to get motivated when it's -20 F. actual temp. ~ Robyn

LillyB said...

What an awesome prayer!! You know computers can be used for good or evil, so I am happy that all of us were brought together in a good way by use of the computer!!!
I am sorry you are not feeling well today. I will pray that you feel better!!
God Bless you!

Unknown said...

Hi Tootsie,
Hope you are feeling better today! It's really cold it is there too!

I'm trying to 'catch' up and just read through your most recent posts.

Thanks for the sweet prayer!

cindy said...

That is so sweet! Is it as cold there as it is here?..I hope you feel better soon. Cindy

onlymehere said...

I hope you're back on your feet soon. We have an inversion going and I have to pretty much stay inside all day bz I'm prone to pneumonia when we get these. ICK! Take care and stay warm up there! Cindy

Betty said...

Hope you get feeling better real soon.

Unknown said...

Get out from under the weather!! Ordering all of those seeds wear you out girl? Prayers that you feel better soon, like now! Love the bloggers prayer.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Tootsie, I loved the little prayer. I hope you are feeling better really soon. I am going back to work today. I haven't worked since last Friday. Mine was a tummy thing. Do you have a cold??
Thinking of you!!
Hugs, Terrie

Lady Katherine said...

Oh, please feel better! Find the crown! It will help you smile. I love your prayer, for it helped take my blues away. I almost hit my blog delete button this week. Then I got a scare, when something was going on in blogger and thought my blog might get deleted. I changed my mind. lol Feel Better Soon, for we miss you, when you are not around!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was so sweet, Tootsie. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I'm sure little Busy will be helping you out! Take care, Dear One.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Four Paws and Co said...

Oh no! I hope you're feeling better soon! ♥

Love the prayer!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Toots get some rest girl..I love this prayer...and I'll take ya daughter...hugs and smiles Gloria


Hi Tootsie,
Feel better soon. Your canister collection is wonderful:) Just love them all. The tea pots are sweet and I was thinking that I have a few of that means that I have a collection.
Take care.

~♥~ Monica S said...

Aw! What a great prayer!! and thank you for thinking of us all!! :-) YOU are a great friend!


Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Feel better,0x0xx0x0

Anonymous said...

Poor Tootsie!

Hope you get to feeling better very soon. In the meantime, I will enjoy your cute blogger prayer!

Millie said...

OOOH! What great canisters! I love the last ones posted especially. Do you mind sharing where you bought them?

momstheword said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon, my friend!

Jill said...

Glenda.. I wish I could send you a miracle of happiness! I Love you girl!

Justine said...

Awwwwwwww... I loved that poem!

Justine :o )