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Friday, January 30, 2009

A Day in my Royal Kingdom...Wait till you see!

Today in the royal kingdom of Tootsie...we will be doing a little cleaning...a few chores and possibly a little obsessing....I also have a little surprise to share with you all! Shall we?
As I go about my day of occurred to me...that this bowl may be a little crown-like...right? (hey Lynne...see my tray? it is very similar to yours!)

Look closer. Please say you agree.... It turns out there are crowns all over my house...some that I didn't even know I had!
Here is where I have the first two...for now.. that we are on the topic of crowns...lets just take a little break. I am sick of dusting...lets go see what I found the other day while I was shopping!

Oh My...look what I have! I found these at the department store..they are Christmas ornaments...Yes...they are a little ugly...but I didn't buy them for their beauty...I bought them to use as a template...pattern whatever....I am going to make my own crown soon if I don't find some good ones in a store! Yes...I am desperate for a big crown...
They are small....but they are still crowns...and I will use the "form" as a guide for my own crown making....Hey! maybe I will get to use that welder I got for Christmas two years ago!!!! exciting to think of ! Well...we better get back to our chores...
Okay....more dusting....I have had this box for years! It is also a little crown-ish right? Time to wash the dog's dish...
Even the Royal Dog..."Miss Pooh" has her own crown! Look at the imprint on the bottom of her food dish!!!! I am seriously jealous...(better feed her
Right about now...I took another break...and made a huge mess of the next part...
I went out to pick up the mail.... Okay...this is not the best way to show I jumped the gun....but look!!!!
Just take a look at the wonderful gift I got!
Okay,...I got way to excited...and ripped the box open right there on the street! Look what I got from Cindy!!!!! She is my crown loving blogging friend who has the Love from Mn blog! Is she not the sweetest to send me a crown hook! I am so in love with it! I may just hang it in my greenhouse!
I think I will have to find a spot to hang this in my royal greenhouse!!!! Maybe it can be the Royal Key Holder! (will post when I find the perfect spot for her!!!!) Thank you so very much sweet are very thoughtful! made my whole week! I was so excited that I let out a sissy girl squeal that would make Picket proud!
Pretty sure the people on this block are 100% sure I am a nut case now for sure!
I also have two crowns coming from the Urban Barn shop that just opened up here last week. I went in...showed them what I wanted...and they said they will call when they come in! woo hoo!!!
and that will be another post....I am positive!
Have a fantastic weekend in your kingdoms.....see you Monday!