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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cactus --from seed! Can anyone advise me?

This pot was planted on a whim two years ago! I had no idea that Cactus was such a slow growing plant! At any rate...I am super proud to introduce to you the prickly pot that I planted with my own little fingers...
Yea...I watered it and it droops for a day or so....but....the real question here is.....should I be transplanting these? Should I leave it alone? When I re-pot...should I separate?
I am scared to do anything to this little cactus garden....for fear I will kill them. Please help me! I am no expert in all things prickly.....and I usually kill the store bought cactus that I pick up here and I am asking....does anyone know? I am quite certain that one of my fellow bloggers from the wildly informative and entertaining publication..." A Succulent Life" Julie will know EXACTLY what I need to do....maybe I better go get her!......oh...yea...thanks for stopping by...if you have any advice for my guest gardener for today!