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Saturday, March 7, 2009

It Happened One Night. Very Late At Night.

Did I ever tell you I have bouts of insomnia? Well....yes I certainly do. I go to bed at around midnight (normally) and wake up about an hour or two later.
This bout is a rather bad one...accompanied by nightmares that will literally throw me out of bed and have me reluctant to try to go back to sleep. So...what does a Tootsie do when she is not sleeping when she should be?
She re-arranges accessories...Of course ! That's what she does.
This old suitcase has been hiding in my closet for a while. I had not one clue what to do with it, but I knew one day I would think of something. It sits on the bedside table on my side of the bed.
(all of the photos you are about to see do not do the actual areas justice. They seem not to look as warm or inviting in the photos. I think it was the camera settings I used-but was too lazy to re-take)
I filled it with the flower ball bouquet from my sister's wedding 10 years ago...two old cork buckets, some candle holders an old mirror frame and a plate. Perhaps I should have added some dusting to that activity...hee hee.
What do you think? I like it for now...and it gets that suitcase out of my closet!
Okay, after you do the side table, you MUST change the dresser a little bit right?
I don't know if I like this yet or not. I did it at about of course it is a little off. I just can't figure out how. Should I mess up the runner? I do like the crystal on there...and it gets that out of my closet too! (can you see me behind the flowers?- it is NOT pretty)
Lets see where else I dipped my tired little fingers-
Yes -I put a crown and one of my clocks on the shelf in the alcove where I hang the kid's hands and feet frames.
I dusted and re-positioned the stuff on the piano...finally she dusts something!
And then I noticed a horrible thing had happened!
One of my fish had passed! This cabinet used to be filled with the 20 Beta fish that I rescued from the local pet department of a Wal Mart here in our city. Some kids were torturing them in the little cups, and my bleeding heart made me take them home to safety! They had two years of happy lives in each their own (for the males) 5 gallon tanks...the girls live happily together in the 10 gallon you see here.
Well, since one passed, there is no choice but for me to decorate that empty shelf-right? (the top one-after the memorial flushing of course)
I took out the tank, moved it's partner tank to the second shelf next to the 'Ladies' tank, and went to work...
This is what I ended with about 1/2 hour later! I like it alright for now I think.

Here's the second shelf -with the remaining 8 fish....when they are gone...I am DONE for a while with fish.
Okay...when I did the top shelf, I took things from this table. So I HAD to replace them with something. I took the finial things out of the bathroom, grabbed a tray, a silk arrangement, a cherub and a tea service.

That should hold me off for a few days at least. Well, all in a good night's work right?
By the time I finished this all it was 5AM, I layed on the sofa for a few minutes and then moved back into my bed where I napped a little bit until 7 when the kids got up for school.
Who knows what tonight will bring me...hopefully some sleep. Living on 2 hours a night is not doing anyone's attitude any good (if you know what I mean)