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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

About Fertilizer Fridays

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers!
Do you know what that means?
If you are new to my blog, you are about to find out!
Around here Friday's are for feeding your plants!
I created this meme to remind a good friend (and an avid follower) to feed her houseplants and gardens. Each week I would post my FF logo to remind her.
I had such a great response to this weekly event that I decided to do it as a linkable party for other gardeners to blog and share their successes and show off their gardens.
I also use this weekly event to share a few tips and tricks about feeding your plants.
So....I would like to invite each and every one of you to join in and share your photos...All you need to do is"
1. Grab your fertilizer of choice, your watering can and a big spring smile...
2. Feed those plants and watch them grow! Houseplants, greenhouse plants, gardens too!
3. Copy and paste the logo above to your post and link it back to my blog.
4. Prepare and publish the post to show off your garden blooms,
5. Come back to Tootsie Time and add the link to your post to the mister linky at the bottom of the current week's Fertilizer Friday post!
It is just that easy!
I can't wait to see you there!