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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy's Room Got Worked Over Too!!!

It was too hot to play outside today in our I decided to tackle Busy's room!!!
When I did Jordan's room all crazy and bright...Ashlyn decided that she too would choose her own paint and decor....I did draw the line at the Dora bedspread...but the Dora comforter and sheets are under the pink
Alas...Busy had a sad face that she didn't need a new she keeps hers nice and tidy...(thank goodness at least one of my kids turned out like (pretty sure my own mom would beg to differ about what "used" to be...) I opted to try NOT to is what I came up with...(pretty sure I need to paint...)
Think she likes it???
Oh Yea...she likes it a lot...she picked the coverlet out all by herself...there was pink (ugly) and blue/green/lavender....and that's what she chose...Phew!
I love this bedding!!!
What's that? You want a close up of the details on the fabric??? Sure...
You can't see it in the photo...but there is quite a bit of her wall color in there...
A couple of very old babies and a jewel box...her dresser is so clean...she did it herself...LOTS of Pledge went into this...the carpet in front of it is like a skating rink to prove it!
I just used cream color sheers... more dollar store tassels...and added some of these dollar store medallions...they just pin on...and they added some interest to the plain sheers.
closer peek.This window/mirror...used to be in the sun was olive green and pale yellow. I whitewashed it with some paint...and added some flowers, a lace runner, another tassel and her baby hat.
ALL the Barbies and their house were moved to the closet along with the other toys. Many toys were packed up at Ashlyn's request to give to someone else...("them are for babies mom"
And that my friends is the end of the story.
I still want to add some small book shelves to the one wall....and possibly paint...when I get a rainy day outside.