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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cleaning machine!

Okay...I have decided to share some of my spring and summer cleaning endeavors with you all. Momstheword is hosting a summer cleaning frenzy...and since I am a clean a holic most of the time..I thought I'd join in!
All you have to do is pick what you will be cleaning....and list obligation to photograph it...but at least let us know what you did get done!
Here is my first is finished!
I decided to start in the sun room. I use this room as a place to play on my computer, as well as where I do the gel nails ...when clients come to get done. It is also the only room of the house were the furniture is primarily (with the exception of one or two pieces) was made by me!
I planned to and finished cleaning....
-all windows (and then it rained and wrecked them)
-wiped down wall
-dusted all the little nic-nacs and ornaments
-edited some of the accessories and switched out some furniture
-re-arranged the furniture
-re-placed winter rugs with summer ones
-cleaned up the shoe cabinet
-watered and dusted and deleted plants ( took some out to the greenhouse for the summer)
-washed curtains
-checked light bulbs
These are after don't get to see the before or during shots!!! lol almost as loony as me. she makes a million lists and she is extremely organized. She is (I think) the only other person who seems not to know how to relax as badly as me! Stop by her blog to check out a million tips on making your home sing and be all that it can be! She has a list for pretty much anything and everything that you can borrow to get you started!