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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cleaning with "MOM" (and my assistant)

What do you do when it is very cold and raining outside? You clean...but don't forget to bring your assistant!!!! Momstheword is hosting a summer cleaning frenzy....and Ashlyn and I are cleaning we thought we would join in... pop by her blog...she has a whole list of on her name...or on the logo above to get to her!

yep! There she assistant "Busy"...and boy is she ever! She made me take her photo at every juncture today..."take my Grammy can see what me doin! Take my Picture mom....peeeze! Put it on the 'puter mom...hurry!" "Hi Grammy and Grampie!"
Her little (I mean BIG) job today was using wipes (a whole container of wipes) to wipe down the lower cabinets...and pretty much anything she could reach...she works SO hums while she works is super cute.
While she did her work...I did mine...when she wasn't shoving me out of her way that is...
every canister got put into the dishwasher....and all the photos and wall art etc got a good, screens, curtains, back splash...every surface got a good scrub.

That's enough's the list momstheword wanted me to post:
-wipe outside of cupboards
-wipe inside of cupboards
-clean ugly ceiling fan (and crab about how you hate it)
-put the light shades from fixtures in dishwasher
-put oven on self clean (and choke on the smell) then wipe down
-wipe down back splash
-clean all canisters (don't put the lids on tight until you are sure they are dry inside-it's not pretty when they seal and they are still wet...P-U!)
-wash windows
-wash window screen
-wipe out drawers
-clean out the fridge
-wipe inside of dishwasher and run a self cleaning on it
-spot clean walls
-wipe out inside garbage can
-check light bulbs
-wash hardwood floor

now...I am not done the pantry closet yet...and still need to finish under the kitchen sink and put the shiny back on my floors...but that will happen tomorrow! I would have gotten more done...but I did have "help" at every task! lol
I woke up this morning with no voice...I had to yell to whisper. As the day progressed...I felt pretty I had to stop for a bit...and did some resting...(and that is not easy for me)
Hope you all had a great summer cleaning frenzy too!