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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flaunt Those Flowers...Fertilizer Friday!

Happy Friday! Get busy is feeding day! Grab your fertilizer...get that hose...and get busy...don't forget the houseplants too! I use a Miracle Gro hose adaptor to make my watering faster and easier...I would not make it if I had to mix in a watering can....just add the powder to the canister and it mixes it for me!
After you have fed those up with my first photo...add yourself to Mister Linky at the bottom of this post and share with us all that is blooming, or thriving in your garden!

My pots are coming along nicely.

Justine!! Your peppers are getting a little color!!!
Here's the header bed...that bike...has always been there...just gets covered some
My big bike bed...seems that the beds are taking forever to catch this year...

I added those plant stands this year...there used to be a bench there.
The garden "room" shelf plants are getting bigger...

My apple tree is doing great! And things are still alive for the most part in that bed...well, what the stray cat didn't pull out....
My orange geranium is blooming!!!
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