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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's the World's Greatest Junkin' Dad

There is this guy I know. I have known him all my life. He has made me mad, made me sad, and made me smile. He has a heart of gold and has taught me many things. I call this guy my Dad. Around Mother's Day...there are a million sappy emails and sentiments that go around...but Father's Day doesn't seem to have any of this mushy I was forced to write my own...It took me a long time...lots of deleting, and tweaking...but here is what I came up with. Dad is not your ordinary guy. He is a very talented (and honest) auto mechanic. When you take your vehicle to my Dad to have repaired...he doesn't just mend the problem...he fixes it. There are some who have been touched by my Dad's repairs ...those who are not wealthy would take him their car, and ask him to just make it work....but my dad would not only fix the necessities...he'd take the time to make sure it was all working.. (and not charge for the extras) His reputation as a mechanical genius has spread all the way from the small town where he where I live.
I have inherited many things from my dad.
- The most obvious...his name. My Dad is named Glen....and I am (in real life) Glenda. gee...wonder WHO named me?
-His crazy sense of humor (my poor mom is often embarrassed by his silliness) He LOVES a good joke...and likes to play jokes on us if he can.
-His green thumb (he loves to have a beautiful yard) one day I will show you photos of how pretty their farm site is like a park. My mom and dad have spent years cleaning up piles of junk (and keeping some) and making an abandoned homestead a HOME.
-His soft heart- he'd give the shirt off his back for a good friend and can be easily injured by an unkind gesture.
-I love using tools....I have to have gotten this from my dad...he has LOTS...and my mom...she's too "girlie" for power
-My pride. I hate to ask for help...will struggle through the job...and be proud as punch that I made it myself instead of buying it or letting someone else do it for me.
-His organization and perfectionism....I always know where things are...even in the hugest mess...or what appears to be a mess. When I do something, it has to be done the "right" way...and finished completely...perfectly...just like he does....he is very detail oriented.
-His stubbornness....we won't go there except to say that when he decides to do ...he does
-His love of junkin! (or should I call this an addiction?) This guy was junkin LONG before it was "cool". Some of my fondest memories of hanging out with my dad were when I was a little girl and we would go to the city dump and find "treasures" (and my mom would sometimes not be so happy with either of us) (that's me when I was 3)
This junkin was also one of those things that a "cool" "vane" teenage Tootsie was not so proud of when she was in high school. NOW...well that's a different story.
My sister and I both like to go to the farm and "shop" in my Dad's "superstore" (garage). Some of the great stuff he finds and just stores....well it is like heaven to a junkin diva!!! And some of the things he has made out of his finds over the years....well...I could go on and on...he is very creative.
I tried and tried to get a photo of my Dad...and all I ended up being able to get was "a photo of the back of his legs! He was worried that the next top model people might stalk him or something! (ha ha..posted it anyways!!! ) Oh and those feet in the photo? they are dancin feet! I don't think those feet missed one song at my wedding or graduation! (maybe they were celebrating that I was out of his hair? NO...couldn't be that!-ha ha!)So girls...just play along here...picture in your mind..."Dr. House" Hugh Laurie. (only without the cane, drug addiction and mean spirit) lol That man reminds me of my Dad. When we watch that show, I always think of him. Now he doesn't look EXACTLY the same...My dad has a little less hair...a couple more laugh lines and he shaves most of the boy does this man remind me-and a lot of other people- of him! (right now...he's probably looking at my mom...with a grin that says "boy are you a lucky woman" lolI don't look much like my dad-I look like mom...but I certainly do act like him. I am not afraid to get dirty...and I like a good joke...I am not the most patient girl in the world, I am rarely late....and I LOVE MY JUNK! LOL (oh and did I mention that I like to "miff" my mom sometimes????) lol
Those blue eyes were like magic for my sister and me...he could move us across a just giving us the "eye". Mostly they were smiling eyes...but when he had to give us the "eye" was the evil eye...a silent warning...of things to come if we didn't smarten up NOW.
I love it when my Dad will tell stories about some of the rotten or crazy things he did when he was a kid...and I always think to myself..."wonder what the punishment would have been if I DID THOSE THINGS!!!" I also wonder why he waited until I was long moved away from home to tell me these hmm....
Anyways...I just wanted to mention my great dad on Father's day. He deserved a post reserved just for him...after all...he did have to put up with Lilsista...(I was a perfect child) and all.. hee hee
Thanks dad...for helping me become the person I am today. For teaching me that doing things right the first time is the best way...for the OCD, the Green thumb, the love of building things, your name, junkin and jokin! I hope you had a great day...and be assured...I will prove to these ladies that I am not kidding when I say you look like "House"!
Ya never know when your oldest goofball will jump out of the bushes...and snap a photo of you (like the paparzzi)!
Love ya Dad!
love Leenie


trash talk said...

Dad, I don't think she's kidding so you better have your "Cheese" ready when she jumps!
Great post girlfriend. Daddys don't get all the fireworks that mom's do and that is just not right. Our daddys taught us what a good man was and how to spot one in a crowd. All we had to do was look for someone who was everything our father's was. Easy, right?
Loved the whole post! I was smiling the whole time.

onlymehere said...

You look like Busy!! Or is that Busy looks like you? What a wonderful dad you seem to have had, and a handsome one to boot! Gotta love those legs. I hope he reads you blog bz this is a very special tribute!~

Mocha Momma said...

What a great story about your dad and how you are like him.
Thanks for sharing.

Can't wait to see pix of your folks' homestead.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Have great week.
More later,

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Tootsie that was a wonderful post for your Dad...and girl if he looks like Hugh...HOT STUFF...Only kidding Toots Mom...don't go getting on a plane and coming after me ha ha!! Girl and and Busy look alike so much...Now I know you were a perfect child...Thanks Toots folks for giving us our Tootsie to enjoy...May you have a great week my dear friend...My Dawna is coming on the first of July...she asked me about you yesterday...I best get lots of coffee and smokes with that one coming ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Dawn Marie said...

what a great post, and what a blessing you have had and we know he has had in you. I dont have a dad I can say anything good about,,and I'm ok with that, and I cant tell you how much I love seeing how some have experienced what a "Daddy" should be like.

Unknown said...

Tootsie your post is just wonderful and you have one great DAD! Warm wishes, Esther

Unknown said...

Tootsie what a great post and tribute to your Dad. I agree there were quite a few posts for Mother's Day but not hardly anything for Dads. But guess what? I think we were thinking alike because I did one for my Dad but printed it out and gave it to him for Father's Day and posted it on my blog. I, like you, am just like my Dad. We always joke about me being more like him than his sons are. I always say I'm my Father's son.
You're gonna love this too - I grew up with all my girlfriends loving him and when little even playing truth or dare to line up and kiss him. Only instead of House everyone said he looked like James Garner.
So you must know I enjoyed your post about your Dad probably more than most! It was wonderful!

momstheword said...

What a cutie you are! Love the curls on top of your head.

What precious things your dad has handed down to you. The junking, gardening, etc.

My dad had a great sense of humor and told some great stories too. I'm so glad that I have pictures and videos of him as he is with the Lord now but I still love and miss him very much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tootsie! Precious post about your Dad! It's amazing all the same traits you have like him.
Now, Dear One, Busy looks just like you! What a precious looking little girl you were and you're a beautiful green thumbed woman now!
I will take pictures and post my roses. So far so good!
Thank you again for your help!
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

Great post Tootsie! I so wanted to do a post for Father's day about my dad but my computer is not working and all my pictues are on it and not this one( my DH)- Dad had loads of hair too- everyone called him Silver Fox! I miss him! This is the 5 Father's day without him and they just aren't the same. Enjoy every minute with your Dad!


Four Paws and Co said...

This is such a sweet father's day post for your dad. If he looks anything like Huge Laurie, then he's a major hunk!!! Love the picture of you - what a sweet little angel!

Happy Father's Day Glen!

☺♥☺ Diane

Mary | Deep South Dish said...

That was really so sweet!! And look at you! Very nice tribute.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Awww, Tootsie, your Dad sounds like such a wonderful man. You are so blessed to have such a good man to teach you to love and be the person you are today. I enjoyed reading about him.

Jessica said...

I loved this post Toots~ Your Dad sounds like an amazing man....has to be to have someone like you. ( I love that picture of you ) You come from good stock girl~ as my Mammaw would say. :)

Love~ J

Jesikarena said...

That is SO SWEET! Your day seems like an amazing guy and a rare one!
I am so glad that he passed his junkin and green thumb to you! I guess we can partly thank him for this fabulous blog. : )

The JR said...

Our family is plain and simply dysfunctional. How wonderful to have such a dad. Someone that you love so much.


Beca said...

you said it very well Tootsie.

at the cottage said...

Beautiful post! Sounds you were one of the lucky ones also :0))

I am winding down at work here so I may not post often, but I do read a lot. LOVE the garden :)

Erin said...

I love it! What an awesome love note to your dad...I think he probably was moved to tears!

Bridget said...

Busy is the spittin' image of you isn't she?!
If your Dad looks anything like Hugh Laurie, he must be a hunk. If he ever wants to dump your mom, have him look me up. LOL

Betty said...

What a sweet post! I agree Busy looks like you! Now you need to work at getting that photo, I know you can do it!
Have a great day.


CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Great post for you Dad!
I have a friend that is named Glenda and her Dad was Glen(-:
How funny is that? Probably more common then we know.
I learned a lot from my Dad growing up and I am a lot like him now. We always have gotten a long well.
I can't wait to see pictures of your parents place(-:

Amelia said... can make me move across the room with your eyes too.....just like him! :)...infact....I'm pretty sure both of you together could move a whole crowd! Ha! Nice post Leenie...I bet you're the favorite now...what?...Jealous of a nice post?! (okay...maybe a little teeny, tiny bitty bit! :0) ) Can't wait to get junkin some more! Call me...we need to to Lacombe again!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Such a great post. I feel like I know your dad after reading this, and I feel like I know you a lot better than I did before. OOOO, Hugh Laurie. Your Dad must be a great lookin' guy! laurie

Justine said...

Okay, now I really wanna see if he truly looks like House! And holy cow, but you at 3 looks EXACTLY like Busy!

Great post, Glenda. Hope your dad read it!

Justine :o )

siteseer said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad.

Sassy said...

What a great tribute!!!! Your dad probably loved every word of this...and you are a lucky daughter!!!! I agree with onlymehere you and Busy do look a like...