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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Super Hero??? Or What!

Hey!!! Me AGAIN....supporting my addiction to the smell of Cleaning Today I have once again linked to Momstheword....for the summer cleaning frenzy. It is a great meme...she keeps us all motivated...or in my case...manic about making our homes sing! I have chosen to do every room in my part of my usual cleaning...but decided to share it with you! If you have not joined in on the cleanin frenzy...visit momstheword by clicking on her name or the photo above and take a peek....she will for sure get you going!
Now for my offering today:
This was Brayden's room last year. He is 9 almost 10 years old. I painted the mural of the Justice League for him 4 years ago.
I LOVE super heros. Almost more than him...Those Hulks...are walkie talkies!!!
Last summer, I decided to add an NHL logo to the wall for him to share his hockey things. Things this year are just a little different in his world. The heros were not being cared for...and the space became a catch all for every little piece of junk he could muster up. Time had come for mother to step is the result.
-wash window, blinds, screen, walls....bedding cleaned, sheets changed.
-dust, remove all heros except the mural and replace with sports things that mom had in storage...take photo of one excited little man.

-hang the huge poster size photos of him playing hockey each year....clean out closet, give large amounts of Lego to Lilsista's kids...hee hee....(calling that payback)
-close up of logo I painted...not perfect...but close enough
-who is excited???
-they are!!! Busy HAD to be in the photos....her sister didn't want to be...she didn't help at all....(wait till we move to HER room....she better help!)
-one clean closet...and two goof balls...
-some wall art...there is supposed to be a bat hanging in there too...but for obvious is not
-say "thank you mom" for helping me fix the mess I made...and for taking Busy to bed! lol

That's another episode of Tootsie Cleans House.....thanks for tuning in!