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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Man Room...and Surrounding area

Hey! Here I am AGAIN... happy as a clam to have another area (or several) cleaned up for the summer! Momstheword is hosting a summer cleaning frenzy and I'm ALL IN! Stop by and see what she has in the way of inspiration, and encouragement...motivation and won't be disappointed! (no pressure
Lets start with the sad excuse of a laundry'd think that with as much time as I spend in could be a little bigger! It is even too small to stack the machines...we tried! BUT it is sparkling and smells wonderful now!
Moving right along...we are looking at the downstairs bathroom that is right next to the laundry...if I could knock out the wall in between....oh such a wonderful dream...It too is clean...for the moment. It is adjacent to the kid's bedrooms get the picture...
Next...we leave the bathroom, and stop to quickly dust the "book"shelves on the wall between the laundry and bath...they are made out of old Readers Digest books. I love them.
If you were to come into the house from the front door...this is the first view of the interior of my home...THE MAN ROOM. Well it used to be decked out in a hockey theme...vintage photos etc...but recently had a make over to include family....mostly kid photos...
I need to hang a couple of the kid's pics still...there are three of each child...first year, last year and current year...and one of the three of them together.
This cabinet is going to be painted black...(blame that on Picket) and it BETTER STAY neat...those books (on one shelf) and the three million movies are prone to laying all over...grr.
Before I got this laptop...I used to play on the computer in that is now "resting"...and that green and cream table...I salvaged from a certain burning barrel...and shabby chic'd it up!
By dusting and moving the treadmill over here...I could camouflage it with the large plants...that way it was not such a huge focal point in the space. I will be placing a large mirror in behind on the pony that who ever (usually me-with a little help from Busy) is on it can still see t.v. when they are using it.
And I am almost finished with this space. There are a few odds and ends...and the carpet needs a cleaning...and some painting to do....but that will wait for another day.
I will not post the will make the post too long and super boring. I basically moved all the furniture, and vacuumed, dusted, did windows, blinds and spot cleaned walls. The other rooms got wiped from top to bottom, and the cupboards got edited to the extreme!
Have a great weekend friends...see you again next week...for more Tootsie-type adventures!
To all who have voted for me in all three categories of the blog luxe awards...thank you so much...and thanks for the nominations! I am so flattered!