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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NO BOOKS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THESE SHELVES....(a "how to" by popular demand)

A few days back I posted the cleaning of my basement...and these "book" shelves were shown. There were a lot of comments regarding how I made these...and an "order" placed by my mom...A.K.A. "Grammie" for three. She plans to put them in her doll room. She has a large collection of limited edition porcelain dolls and there will be one on each shelf.
Now...the ones in my house are made out of old Reader's Digest hard cover books. The ones we will be making today will be made from some out dated (1967) encyclopedias, as they are larger and will offer more support to the dolls. You can use any book you long as you have supports!
This is what you will need:
pair of scissors
2 corner supports or L brackets
Mounting tape (2 sided foam tape)
Books...2 or 3
screws and possibly anchors
Step one:
open the book to the back cover. cut and apply two strips of mounting tape to the back cover of the book.
step two:
Peel off the film from the other side of the mounting tape and close the book. This will create a small pocket to house the brackets.
View of the pocket created by the mounting tape...
Step three:
Insert the longest end of your bracket into the pocket...
Step four:
close the book.
Step five:
Secure the brackets to the wall. I needed anchors as the books are fairly heavy. These are the screw holes you will need to fix to the wall....I found that holding it in place with the book on first helped me place the book on the wall. You can remove the book from the brackets to secure the bracket to the wall....
(you can also screw into the bottom of the book to make sure the 'shelf' stays securely on the bracket-but that is only done if you don't worry about the ruin of the book cover)
Once they are insert the bottom of the bracket into the pocket, and add another book or two to the pile to hide the upper part of the bracket.
view of how to screw onto the wall....I painted over part of mine so that they would blend in if I did not want three books...
Step six:
Ta-da! your "book" shelf Grammie!!!
There are three shelves waiting to go to mom and dad's house this weekend!!!
Now...wasn't that easy?
I hope you will make yours and post them for us all to see!!!