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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Powder Room Shines!

Here I go again...or still...depends on how you look at it. Momstheword is hosting a summer cleaning frenzy...and I'm ALL in! Stop by her blog to see other clean-a-holics and some awesome tips for getting organized and making your home sing, sparkle and shine! (click summer cleaning frenzy for the instructions....or click momstheword or her photo to vistit her blog)
This post is of my deep cleaned bathroom...she even got a little spruced up for the photo shoot!
The List:
-wash the window...(mumble about how you want a curtain of some sort for this one and vow to pick one up soon-again)
-take screen out and wash it
-wash walls
-clean light fixtures...and replace bulbs if needed
-edit, clean out, and organize drawers
-polish wood shelving
-wash and wax the floor
-clean/replace the rug....(I have a spare that I switch I can clean one)
-scrub bathtub and well as tiles on top
-scrub toilet
-polish mirror
-take apart fan and vacuum/wash
-wash and dry decorator towels and replace
-edit/add/delete accessories and dust
-wipe doors
-wipe down cabinet doors, and clean inside cupboards
Can you find the suitcases? the magazine rack? the porcelain shoes? the iron keys?
Keep looking...
I see keys...suitcases...

There's the shoes!
The magazine rack! I hung it on the wall and put towels inside...there's a key rack too....
...There is the key hides some of the outdated ugly of the medicine cupboard.Speaking of cupboards....(yes... I have a lot of hairspray...does hairspray expire?)
I am hoping to be given the word to go ahead and rip out this dated cabinet...and update to something that is not from the 80's....who ever built this house had "taste" that makes me think of acid wash jeans, and bangs that look like a tidal
Thanks for stopping in! See you tomorrow for more of my cleaning mania! If you want to join the insanity...visit momstheword...she'll get you started!