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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They are Growing Like WEEDS!!! is Official!!! School in our city has let the kids out for the summer!!! The last day of classes was Friday...but summer holidays don't start until you find out what the report card said!!! And today was that day! First thing this morning, we were up and running our little heels off to get to those report cards! Everyone was happy to hear that they passed and are not grounded!! lol
Morning had just barely passed us when Lilsista phoned to say she was about 3 houses down, and letting a herd out of her vehicle! Yippie!!! LOTS of children to play!
In total there were 11 kids in my back yard today! would think that this would be a nightmare and super duper loud wouldn't ya??? well today (oddly) you would be wrong! Lilsista brought her 5 + 1 friend, I have my 3...and the 2 from next door made the total weed- oops...did I say that? I meant head count 11!!!
can you spot the perp? yep! they are ALL guilty of something!!! Those are the three grandsons that Grampie always dreamed of....they are even silly like him...(some of the things those twins do....they are hilarious) The one in the middle is mine (and he too is rotten)...they are trying to see if they are triplets!
There's a 5 year old missing from this photo....but he doesn't belong to it is
This is the majority of the gang....see? they are all arguments no nothing! They are all getting so big! We had a very good time. What did we do you ask???
Well...we tested the strength of the tree house....All 12 of them (I was on the ground taking the shots) were in the tree house (Lilsista included) One of the girls said she saw momma Robin feeding a BABY BIRD!!!! So we HAD to check....but didn't see much
That tree house was a little unstable with all of us in it...especially me and you know who...
I also don't think Momma Robin was looks like she is mouthing some choice words at us...don't believe me? see for yourself!
Looks like she is saying very bad words under her we left the tree house to give her some space...
I had a bunch of tattoos in a jar...brought them out...and everyone got at least three tattoos...some had 4..but who's counting!
Then the clouds rolled in, it was getting windy...started to rain...and was time for supper to be Lilsista headed for the hi-way...and I cooked supper.
Maybe ...we will have to grace her house with some slurpees tomorrow or the next day...but we won't make it a for sure...gotta keep that little brat off guard...
Thanks for the visit guys!