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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thriftin' With Tootsie!

A few days ago, I was out and about and on my way to the store for milk. I live on the North end of this city, but somehow found myself on the South the Salvation Army Thrift shop. It was a VERY GOOD day in that store for this Toots!
As soon as I saw these...I thought of Gloria. They are still there too. Now there are two things I admit I am not able to do: 1. sit still and relax. 2. tablescape. Gloria can tablescape like no one's business. (I did not purchase these plates...but I sure did think about it.-aren't they cute?)
I did purchase this chair! Is she not just a great find???? All it needed was to have the piping removed, as it was all frayed and worn. Until I find something better, I used this brown braiding along the seams. It looks good for now! I cleaned the fabric, and she is sitting pretty in my sunroom! Not bad hey?

There she is!
I also got this great wing back from the same store that is in perfect condition. $30! I put it in Busy's room for now.
I got this old reminds me of Gloria you know how old it is? Was $1 a good deal????
Busy wanted this....the last time I was in, and the lady just gave it to me for her.
This tray was $1. It is made of wood and it is hand painted. I love it.
This plate was also $1. It is perfect for my room or maybe Jordan's...
Yes...I know...not the prettiest kettle...but it will look wonderful with a plant in it!...or maybe on my shelves in the garden. I just liked the shape.
I got this tea pot for my MOM~ yes I was going to be a gag gift for her...she would be some kinda ticked if this arrived in her beautiful Victorian kitchen...or in her china cabinet with her very pretty looks like it has sunglasses or goggles on it or something...hee is so ugly up close...and it was I thought maybe I'd be a smart ass and give it to her from my kids!!! What do you think??? ha ha !!! (hope she doesn't read me today!) ha ha...maybe I'll make it into a bird bath thing...
I just loved this bowl. It matches a tea set I have in my was only $0.50.
This is the base of the lamp that I picked up for Busy's will be getting a coat of paint soon, the color is very wrong for my house! The lamp shade is bad I picked up a different one...will show you when I am done.
And that is what I brought home from the store that day....did I mention how excited I was? I phoned my mom and squealed like a sissy girl...that was a squeal that would have done our Picket proud!!!
In fact...I was so excited that I forgot the milk completely!