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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Easy? - NOT!!!! Scary is more like it!

So...all I had to do was get the ladder out and climb up to the birdhouses and get my robin's nest that was on top, and while I am up there maybe clean out the house under it so that it is open for a new family to move into...sounds pretty simple right?
I grabbed the ladder...put it in place and then my garden gloves, two ice cream pails and a scraper. I headed up the ladder.
Now, this is where the story gets a little dicey. I scraped my nest (very carefully) from the top of the house on the right.'s in my pail.
Next, open the house and remove all the rubbish inside so that someone can move in-just as any good landlord should! Easy! NO! I open the front...stick my hand in and pull all the left over mess from the previous tenants. Put it in the pail ....and then it happened...the pail in my hand started to BUZZ!!!! Have you ever seen a fireman slide down the ladder holding only the rails? I kinda did one of those. When the cloud of bumble bees came flying out of the pail, I almost fell off the ladder! I dropped all but the pail with my precious nest in it and slid down! (and not in a graceful way either...I was also saying some not so nice words on my scared little way!)
I had to stay inside with another breed of "Bumble Bee" and his big sister Pooh, as the real thing was outside angry and flying around very I had to wait for photos until this morning... which gave me a chance to change the pants I soiled.-(kidding) Here is the nest I waited so long and impatiently for!!!
It leans on a bit of and angle...but I can work with anything...I waited forever for this!!!
It absolutely blows me away that 4 baby robins lived in this tiny nest...
Where's the stuff I pulled out of the inside of the house????I can't just put it back inside the I put it in a tall garbage can so that the bees can escape...there aren't too many of them left I don't want them to die...It is not buzzing I think they are gone. They aren't the huge type...they were very small...the size of a small jelly bean....there is not one clue of a bee hive in I don't know what they are doing inside the birdhouse.
For now...the one on the right is a bee house...and the one on the left is full of sparrows. Good thing I grabbed the nest first or it would still have been up there!


Tootsie said...

every time I go onto anyone's blog, I get a pop up from meetz you...or some dating site...does anyone else get this? I know a few people have mentioned it on other's blogs as well....what is is from??? How do we block it???

Anonymous said...

Tootsie you dare devil! It was worth it but I am glad you didn't get stung! I had a post ready for Fertilizer Friday, but I didn't put in on your meme because I though it to full of angst. But it is a Monk's head full of sedum and I like it. I just got that pop up here, and I suspected that it is attached to one of your widgets on this blog. Sure enough, you have that users online widget. It is the culprit. It is nasty adware/spyware. Get rid of it and the redirection will go away.


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl you are too funny...I would need to also change the old draws after the sweet bird nests you did get tho...May you have a great weekend my friend...Love ya girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Mary | Deep South Dish said...

Tootsie, thank goodness you are okay. That would have been a horrible fall. On the pop-ups, nope. Not me! Sounds as if you might have a virus - better run a check!

Tootsie said...

I think Florida Sue hit it on the head!! All of the blogs I visit that have that gadget...are the ones with the pop up! I just got rid of mine...have had it for a year and nothing all of a sudden??? go figure!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my goodness, I am allergic to bees and I would have had a heart attack. I love the little next, but that far up and I know for sure it would have stayed. So glad you are ok. Also wanted to let you know that the next "Cloche Party" is scheduled for Sept. 11th for the Fall season. Maybe you can do something with your little next. Grab the button on my sidebar to remind you and to let all your friends know. See you there. Hugs, Marty

Linda said...

I've had that popup too and I usually just x it out.
What an experience you had getting that robin's nest down. Glad you survived the ordeal.

imjacobsmom said...

I'm glad you got your nest - but that sure was scary! I was afraid to read on that you fell off the ladder or it tipped over or something. You're right about the bees. They are in short supply and all of our flowers and tomato plants need them! I got that pop up right before your site and Gollum's. I took my garden pics, I just got to charge my camera battery and upload them. ~ Robyn

Blondie's Journal said...


Your escapade was funny the way you wrote it but I had the same experience and I know the fear you must have had. I had a "decorative" birdhouse on a shelf of my patio and I took it down to clean it up a bit and a million bees (Those big black and yellow things) freaked out and started flying out. I dropped it and ran! I ended up spraying the birdhouse with a hose and they all left the area. I was then able to clean it out.

I'm really careful with stuff like that. Hornets invade and nest in my mailbox at the lake, so I am always holding my breath when I open it!!

What do you use the nests for??


Domestic Designer said...

The nest is great and I am really glad you didn't get hurt on your little adventure!

Tamara Jansen said...

Hey, I'm having bee issues at my place too. Wanna stop by and get rid of them for me?! Glad you didn't break a leg on the way down!

Tracy said...

Girl, do I ever know what you mean! We've got a bumble bee hive in one of our bird houses. It is hanging on the post on our back porch.
It is the BIG bees and they do not like to be messed with! I've got a pic of it in a post on my blog.
Wonder what the deal is? More bees this year or what?
I am so glad you did not fall off that ladder!
Bee Careful! LOL
No really Toots be careful we don't want to loose our friend!

Four Paws and Co said...

OMG - You are one very brave lady! Good thing you grabbed that nest first!!! Gorgeous nest - now what are you going to do with it??? Maybe it could sit on top of a crown?!? ♥♥♥ Diane

xinex said...

I am glad you did not get hurt nor get stung, Tootsie. That was pretty scary!..Christine

Anonymous said...

Oh Tootsie I am so glad you didn't hurt yourself!!! Isn't it interesting how such a simple task (we think) could turn out with such a big surprise!! I do wonder why those bees were in there- I wonder if a new swarm had just recently taken up residence and hadn't had time to start building their comb- Sounds like the perfect place for bees to bee especially at your house with all those yummy to them flowers!!


Lona said...

Wow, I am glad you got off of the ladder alright. I would have probably broke my toshie, although I had to laugh at your story. The things we do for birds;-) You are such a good landlord girl.

Donna said...

I would have loved to seen you going down that ladder. Too bad, you didn't have a camera rolling or you could have put it on AFV. :)
Glad you weren't hurt and didn't get stung though. Down here, we only see the robins when the Spring first comes. Then they go away and we don't see them anymore til the next spring. I always wondered where they went.

Laura said...

Miss, you are a brave lady!

The nests are wonderful.


Anne Fannie said...

Tootsie, you are so brave just climbing up that ladder. I would have sent my dear husband to do the dirty work! Love the nest though. I have a collection of nests that I find all around the yard. I just love them!

Justine said...

OMG, if I was up high on a ladder and had bees flying around my head, I'm JUMP off the ladder, and shit my pants while doing it!

Now what are you planning to do with the pretty nest?

Justine :o )

squawmama said...

Oh Tootsie I am so glad you didn't get hurt or stung by those pesky bees... but what a great little nest you got as a reward... What are your plans for it??? How do you prep it for inside use??? It is just so cute looking I know you'll have fun with it... Have a great day and stay out of trouble.


Anonymous said...

I know it wasn't funny to you but the way you wrote it I could visualize everything. You sliding down the ladder - rungs aren't as smooth as a fireman's pole! LOL Well, at least you got your birds nest. I haven't decided what to do with mine yet with the one little blue egg in it (that we found pitched elsewhere).
Glad you're ok! hehehe

Unknown said...

Oh my god. Woo.. thank god u did not fall. Where is the man of the house? Laying around watching tv while his wife is risking her life???lol

Jacki said...

oh my! Glad you didn't get hurt Tootsie! I know I would have just fallen backwards off that ladder, lol Glad you got the nest though!

Jessica said...

Tootsie my oh are a hoot! I can so see you sliding down that I am glad you're okay, too. One day I was cleaning off the patio and wiping down the bbq pit and I heard the bzzzzz sound....I got chased by bees all over the yard. There was a nest under the side that I apparently disturbed. Scary.

Behind My Picket Fence said...

Geez Louise, girl. It's a wonder you didn't fall and break your who-ha. And what kind of doctor knows how to fix that? At least now you know that your heart can beat really fast and not have a heart attack....Whew!
Keep your feet on the ground for a while.

momstheword said...

Good grief, girl! I would have fallen off the ladder and broken something, all to avoid a little bee sting, lol! Glad you weren't hurt.

BTW, you are right, relaxing and chillin' and Tootsie do not mix. However, you should try it sometime, lol!

trash talk said...

Remember my little finger got broke when a bumble bee got after me...they are aggressive little devils. You are so lucky you didn't get hurt. Changing my britches wouldn't have been the only thing I'd been doing after an escapade like that!

The JR said...

Goodness Tootsie. I'm so glad you were not hurt.

Erin said...

Ugh! Obviously we're more experienced with the buzzers here...I won't go near a bird house unless we've done reconnaisance...too many wasps in our neck of the woods. Glad you picked right the first time.