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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Project (to make someone else's home sing)

Today I am joining in the party over at a picture is worth a 1000 words!!! Thanks for hosting this great party Dianne!! This party is about celebrating the second chance we give to old items that would otherwise be wasted...(or in my case ugly) lol
A one day project fell into my lap.
I had been helping a friend move some furniture, and she had this little cedar chest sitting by her door. I felt a pang of pity for the poor thing...she (not my friend) was just dressed so awful! WHO MADE THAT FABRIC????? When my friend saw that I had that "look" in my eyes...she smiled and said "go for it...fix it up"
And that is what I did.

I sanded the shiny (what was left of it) off, and primed it. Then gave it two coats of cream paint. It only took a minute to see that was HOT outside that day. I grabbed a can of gel stain and rubbed it right over the paint to give it that aged look.Now, that chest has a pillow top on it. And not a pretty one-if I do say so myself-so I had some leather look fabric in the is a preview of that fabric. I love it!
Some new foam, a little batting, and some staples and she is ready to head back to my friend's house. Looking much better if you ask me! I so wish I had better photos!
My friend loves the new look of her cedar chest. I painted the hardware to give it a bit of a lift, and it looks like a whole new piece!
Do you like it?
If you like this one, wait....just WAIT till you see the china cabinet that I have sitting in my garage waiting for me to place in my house, and dress for her photo shoot!
It has been hot hot hot the last few days , and we have been out on the boat working on our sunburns. Fresh air is tiring and that is why I have not been around a bunch. Today is dreary and cold and raining...I might get that cabinet into the house today! (fingers crossed)!
now...go back up, and click the photo or the name of the host of this see more wonderful projects!