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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Had To Do It.... I Did It For YOU!!!! cause I love ya that much!

I am joining a Rooster party today!!! Barb from Bella Vista is her name to check it out! I am also joining two other parties as well....(boy I get around don't I?) lol
Thank you to Suzanne at Coloradolady for hosting Vintage Thingies Thursday. Click her logo to see the others participating today...
Thank you Leigh at Bloggeritaville for hosting Thrifty Thursday. Click the logo above to see more bloggers participating today!
I was out and about...and stopped at a local thrift shop. I don't collect Roosters...Don't even really want to start...but when I saw these mugs...I knew I had to have them. The price was a steal, so I picked them up! Now there are some tiny flaws in them...but who cares??? These are just about the most unique things I have seen in well...ever. Have you seen any like this??? Is this part of a whole setting?
Now do you see why I needed to bring them home??? and...Can you tell where this is going????
They are SHAPED like roosters!!! I thought of a lot of you guys when I saw them....Now...since I don't collect Roosters...and so many of you do...I thought I AWAY!!!!
all of my followers are so sweet to me. I appreciate the loyalty and friendship you send my way. I have wanted to to a give away for a when I saw these...I thought...this is it!
who wants a Set of 4 vintage rooster cups???? I cheezy to give away thrifted mugs...but they are unique...right?
If you do...please leave me a comment...and let me know. Busy will be making a draw for them on Sunday evening...that gives us plenty of time to enter over and over again if you like!
No catch...just let me know if are interested...and I will put you in...if you are not into roosters...leave me a comment anyways...I love hearing from you all!
what are you waiting for....comment!!