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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Click the photos to link over to view the others playing along today...BUT ...first take a peek at my entry!

Fall is in the air...the garden is in what's a girl to do? "FALLERIZE" (right sue?)
yea...not a poet...I'm a gardener...but hey..I tried right!?! Today I am joining in the fun On The Gypsy's Corner...Tam graciously hosts Three or More Tuesday... I am also joining in on the fun over at Its So Very Cheri...She hosts a Wednesday meme to showcase our seasonal and holiday decor! SOOOO...after you visit here..head on over and see what the others are sharing. I am sharing three or more photos ...three or more gourds/pumpkins...or displays! Enjoy!
Kitchen table is not as purple in real
Basket made of twigs...changes for the seasons...
It sits in the front doorway.
That big ceramic pumpkin is actually a jack-o-lantern when you turn it around...
Living room table (trunk actually)
Large Cake plate done for fall...
ta-da! the is made of colored twine..the other from straw..
The other side of my office/sun room...cabinet re-finished and re-vamped by
close up...
And that is what I did one night last week! Stop by and see what everyone else is sharing!