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Friday, September 4, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Sept 4/09

Welcome to Fertilizer Friday!!! Today we feed and flaunt our flowers! I use Miracle Gro all Purpose plant food on my gardens and Houseplants. So...grab your feeder...feed those plants...snap a few photos and link up to my post via the Mister Linky below...I also ask that you take my logo button from above and link your post back to mine!
Before we begin...please do take a look at the sidebar of my blog. See that blue flower? click links you to the solution to the followers problem that so many of us have had. I want to visit my followers...and there are some that I can't...and that post at Cherry's in the Garden and More will show you how to fix your profile so that you are searchable!
So? what are we waiting for!!!! Go! Go to the garden!!! Check out the flaunters this week!!! GO!!!
The calm before the storm...wind storm. This monster pot blew clear across the yard right after I shot this photo!
bike bed
I just can't stop looking at the Lavatera....
Look at all those blooms!!!!
I am impressed with their performance this year for sure...(please ignore the weeds if you click this picture)
RED!!! and what is that I see???
My Mandevilla is finally getting some buds...and they are red too!
greenhouse corner
ruffles anyone???
a 5 year old Geranium...was a mother's day gift from the gang.
Rudbeckia is going the garden room....
chocolate orange...
red petunia
Lobelia and Iris bed
Justin's pot!!! His mom just loves that I boss him around...and take care of his
sweet potato and alyssum-and an osteospermum
this hangs on the smells wonderful!
Now...that's it for me this week...the wind is too strong to snap anymore...I hope I have something to share next week!!!!
Link up! Share your blooms and foliage with us!!!