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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wonder If Jack Could Jump Over This Candlestick!

Oh you guys! I am excited to share this with you I linked in on not one but TWO parties today!
Click on the Coloradolady to find more entries from her vintage thingies meme for today!
Don't forget to stop over and say hi to Leigh and check those that are linking in to Thrifty the photo to get there...
Thanks to both ladies for hosting this for us.
Since the day I got that sewing machine that I shared the other day, I have been enchanted by this very special piece that I picked up at the same time....I have been reminded of the nursery rhyme Jack be nimble, Jack be quick....(okay then you get the idea.) Without further adieu....I present to you a candle like I have never seen before!!!!
TA-DA!!!!! This is one candle! ONE I swear!
Have you ever seen anything like it????Look!!! I can prove it!!! One base...with all these arms!
I had to have it when I realized what it was. I originally picked up the box thinking it was a box of pilar candles....then it became apearant that it was a very special candle. I most likely will never use it...I don't want to waste it...but I will put it out to share with those who visit.
It is a great conversation piece! Have you ever seen one before? Is it common and I live in a bubble? Is it old? I have no clue...all I know is that I thought it was neat!
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Can't wait to see you tomorrow!