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Thursday, October 8, 2009

...and then it....was Over.

Yep- those are the virginia creeper vines on the front of my house. My to-do list includes getting them secured to the post and trellis work as soon as possible...Those damaging winds last night...didn't help my cause any.Oh I wish they were evergreen! lol
Do you remember the list? Good...Then you remember that it included cleaning up the gravel area of the yard...and removing the trampoline....sound easy?

Not so much. What a disgusting mess....just shameful! But WAIT!!! WHO is THAT??? is it Superman??? nope! Wonder Woman???? nope!!! IT'S TOOTSIE!!! (imagine lots of noise...and a flurry of activity) lol
(30-40 minutes later...)
Where did those springs come from?Why the trampoline of course...the tarp and safety net got folded up nice and small...and stowed safely in the garage for the winter...the rails...dismantled and put against the fence in the corner.
What???? These came out of my flowerbeds!!! yes...they did...and there are more too....I just about lost it when I found about 32 GOLF BALLS in and among the flowers IN FRONT of the GREENHOUSE!!! Not to mention the hard rubber HOCKEY PUCKS!!! (not pictured here -are in confiscation)-is that a word?
not as pretty as it once was....but it is all I have left! See to the top right... the pieces of plexi? yep...that's why I was ticked about the golf balls and hockey pucks...those are windows that were replaced because of hockey pucks!!!! grrrrrr....!
Ta-Da!!! The trampoline is gone! those silver rails are agains the fence in the top left corner...the rest of the crap either got put away...or tossed out...the only part of the original mess that was actually mine...were the pots.
..NOTE TO SELF: NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER FREEZIE!!!! you guys would NOT believe the amount of freezie wrappers I picked up!!!!
NEXT!!!! yep...Super Tootsie is looking at the treehouse with determined strength...
EWE!!! what an eyesore!
Oh for crying out many pots does one girl need?????
(more noise and a flury of activity)
Ta-DA!!! The garbage cans hold the styrofoam pieces that I put into the big pots as space filler.
This is the area right beside the greenhouse by the fence.
Well Now!!! This looks neat and tidy! All the pots are protected for the winter! I put them here last year and it worked wonderfully...they did not get all filled with snow and ice and I could see everything!
A little sidewalk tidy up...
Took apart my fountain...
Got the little roto-tiller out and fluffed up the beds....well most of them...turning the soil in the fall helps keep the slugs down to a dull roar, lets some air into the soil, and deters some weeds...
They look so clean and fluffy!!! Just need to put the edges back to standard! Some of the soil has spilled into the trenches. Oh the day was going along was going by quickly and I was getting so much done....and then it happened...(scary music)
IT SNOWED!!!! snowed...damn weather! My work outside day was OVER!
Lets just add an insult to the wasn't even nice pretty fluffy was this stuff....ugh...
so much for the tying up of the vines on the front of the house....oh well...maybe Saturday!
See you all tomorrow for Fertilizer Friday! I hope you will link in...if you are not familiar with the weekly party...see the menu bar at the top of the page! I do hope you will join me and Flaunt some Flowers and plants....I can't wait to show you mine!