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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt Your Flowers Oct 23/09

Welcome to another edition of Fertilizer Friday! Today is the day we all gather together, feed, water, or just flaunt our flowers! Those who are regulars here know exactly what to do...those who are new....WELCOME! If you are unsure...either read below or click the Fertilizer Friday link in the menu bar at the top of the page to see how to play along!
Now I know that some of you all thought that this meme would end once my growing season ended....BUT this is not the case.
For the winter months we will be sharing our indoor gardens...such as houseplants or greenhouse items...OR our favorite photos of gardens from seasons past...OR... if you are like April and Darla...and you still have things growing...cause you are lucky to have a great gardening climate...Share your current gardens!
I hope you will take me up on the invite to share WHATEVER IT IS...."ugly" is not a word in this it...ask questions...just join in! Even one plant is better than none!
Today for me I am sharing some of the plants that I have that I have a VERY hard time growing...Succulents and Cacti.
This is a little pot I planted seed in on a whim about three years ago. I had never grown cacti from seed...and thought I would challenge you can see...the seeds sprouted!
And they are growing! Now Cacti and Succulents for me are hard...they grow slow...and I tend to over love them and they end up soggy and I am seriously proud of my little cacti garden.
I really wish I was brave enough to transplant this pot to larger living quarters...but...I'm they are really squished in there.
Lots of little round ones...anyone know anything I can do to coax them into bloom...other than what the books say?
This is a little Christmas/Thanksgiving cactus that I have had for about two years. It just got a new pot last seems to have perked up a bit since!
I do believe this is a Century plant...and let me say if I am right...they named it correctly! It is not going to last long in this house if it doesn't do something soon!!! It's boring me!
Another Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus...that blooms about 6 times a year...I think it has calendar issues! lol When it does bloom they are blood red!
Hen and Chicks....
And some progress shots of the Jade getting ready to burst into glorious bloom!
I am out in that greenhouse like a dirty shirt waiting for the big show!
Maybe next week!
Now...come on you guys!!! Link in! Share with us! Sharing our gardens inspires us all to add or step it up just a little! Add yourself to the mister linky below! Darla...maybe you can add some shots of the BBQ bed you made last summer?
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...see you in the garden!