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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fetilizer Friday/Flaunt Your Flowers Oct16/09

Welcome to another edition of Fertilizer Friday! I hope you all have lots and lots of flowers to flaunt for me...because I have very little to share anymore since the snow fell and stayed now for a full week!!! yea...I said the "S" word.
So...if this is your first visit to Tootsie Time...please feel free to learn how to link in by clicking the link in the menu at the top of the page...I invite you all to join me...I just love looking at your gardens and find so much inspiration from the things you share!
Lets get this party started!
My contribution today is from inside the greenhouse where I have had some very pleasant surprises this week!!!
This is my Jade plant. It has been struggling the last bit...we had bugs...I bathed it...then it got a sunburn...I nursed it...and now it needs a bath as it is full of water when I went to polish the "leaves"...I was shocked to see...
It is blooming...and not just a few...a whole bunch! I did the bestest happy dance I know how...but I am sure Gloria would be able to teach us a better way...right mom?
Mandevilla is still going strong! There are lots of blooms opening up...I will show the full feature next week...hey..a girl needs something to host with!!! lol
Rose is almost done..but the color is so pretty...
I salvaged a verbena...and it decided to thank me...smells wonderful too...
and then.....I had another big surprise...
Does anyone know what this is?
Yep...those are the seed pods of a spider plant! WOOO HOOO AGAIN!
I posted a while ago about the day I found what I thought was some sort of rodent droppings...and then realized my spider plant had gone to seed...remember??? Well this gigantic specimen is three of those seeds dropped in soil and forgotten for a while....LOOK!!!
LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS PUPPY!!! I can't even bring it in the house right is sooo big that it takes up a full 3 foot corner just for the leaves...and it is heavy. I need to pick up some soil and a really great I can re-pot it and put it on a pedestal somewhere inside!!!
Well...that's it for it's your in and show me what ya got!
Let's get flaunting!!!