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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One of a Kind Treasure!

This is Gloria. Her blog is named Happy To Be. She is my Mom-(okay-not really-but hey... a girl can dream right?) Gloria adopted me to be her daughter about 2 years ago...and we have become very close. In fact, I just spoke to her earlier this afternoon for a couple of hours! (loved every minute too)
I absolutely admire the spirit of this woman. She has such an adventurous personality...and so many talents...I love to visit her blog and admire all the gorgeous antiques she keeps in her beautiful and unique home. One day I am going to show up there with my U-Haul and go shopping in my Mom's house! I can hardly wait!
So one day last week I got a parcel card in the mailbox and I knew that it was from her. So I ran my hot little heels all the way to the post office and picked up my box. Look at what she sent me!
Is this not just the sweetest little lamp? She made it custom just for lil' ol' me!...
So I put it where I could see it all the time...and then it happened...Gloria made me do a whole rip apart and re-do of my entire house...I like the lamp there...but I thought it deserved a nicer more special place....
Also in that box was my very special "Roo". I love is from a store called Ross. We don't have one of those I feel very special! I set "Roo" on a cake plate with some moss and put her in my living room cabinet.
Just the right colors...Does my Mom know me well or what!
Yep...I love her!
I thought that since I already had the house ripped apart to place my "Roo" I would put that wonderful little lamp in the cabinet too...
Can you see it?
There it is...along with a few hints of tomorrow's post...
I love this little gift so much! It is the second time I have received a gift with Tootsie Time on it...Jessica sent me that little canvas bag that I love too!
Look at all the details she put into this! And...if I want to change the flowers to a different color of hydrangea...all I have to do is pop them in! I also have little lamp shades that I can change out...but for me...the way she made it is just perfect...there will never be another one like it!
Now this gift has prompted this Toots to find her creative side...I have been as busy as a beaver making some new looks in this house...Between the thriftin' I did, and the special tokens of unconditional love that I have received....I have lots to share with you guys this week! For is after 2AM, and I have kids to dress for school I must stop for I will end today by saying THANK YOU MOM!!! I LOVE IT!
Stay thriftin' finds are coming up next!