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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thrifted Treasures

So I went thriftin...didn't find much along the lines of projects. I had my eye on a cabinet to play with, but it went before I got over to claim it as my own. What I did find caused me to have the urge to continue the makeover that Gloria's sweet lamp had me doing...
A very tarninshed silver bowl. I like my antique silver tea sets with a lot of tarnish on them...there is just something about them all blackened that appeals to me more than a shiny silver finish! I put this as a candle holder in the living room...(Busy thought it was a hat and wore it around for a bit too) lol
A Cream color pitcher...It was too hard to get a good shot of the details on this piece...just take my word for it that it is really pretty...
Yep! I bought ANOTHER canister!!! I am not a dish a holic (but I'm getting there) I am a very very bad canister collector!
There are two of these Christmas ornaments...
And one of this shape.
Aren't they great? I can hardly wait to use them!
And this is the prize of the whole day! This gorgeous picture! Now if you have ever tried to photograph a know how many shots I had to take to even get one this good!!!
I have an antique tea pot that is exactly like the one in the picture!!! It is in perfect condition...not even a scratch on the perfect in fact...
That the authenticity thingi is still on the back! I just love this piece and I have to find the Perfect spot for it!
I also picked up (yep that plate addiction I mentioned that is starting) four dinner and one salad plate of this pattern. I know that is not much...but they are just so pretty that I could not resist!
Here's where the majority of the treasures ended up.. a lot of books had to move out of this cabinet to make room for them...but it is worth it. lol I did this all while I chatted on the phone with some wonderful blogging ladies....they know who they are...wink wink!
This seems to be my week to do a bunch of nesting in the evenings.