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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Four Season Muffin/cupcake Rack

I have been a very busy girl these last few weeks. Hockey, school, and life in general is taking up a lot of my time as of late. I have not forgotten you guys...I have not jumped ship...and I hope that there will be a bit more time this week to get around to all of my favorite blogs...I wanted to share something today, just to say hi, and let you all know I am here...under a mountain of work, decorating, planning and kids.
I have this muffin rack. ( is that what they are called?? lol) It is not just any muffin rack...have you ever heard of a four season muffin rack????
This is the spring and summer look of this muffin rack. Look closely...
This is the Christmas or birthday or gift giving look of this muffin rack....looking closely???
See the gift on top?
This is the fall and Halloween look of this muffin rack....
I love the Christmas star on this look... Now how is this possible you ask??? Do I have just one muffin rack...or 4?
I have just the one...but it comes with 4 different tops that are interchangeable...just by unscrewing the finial. Have you ever seen one like this? I haven't .....but I love it!
I am thinking that I will use it to hold some Christmas ornaments this year...once I get that far! lol