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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is This Where It All Began?

This is a treasure I have had for many years. Tucked safely either inside a picture frame or inside my cedar hope chest. I found it today while cleaning out a closet...I am kind of tickled at how much is the same today as it was then...and then there are those teensy differences that make us smile...It made me wonder if this is the start- or if it goes WAY back....or did it skip a few decades and then start all over....take a look and you'll see what I mean. has survived all these years...and the pages are not even creased!
A girl just can't buy a magazine that is 11x14 inches in size and thick these days for 50 cents!
I think I saw some of these the other day in a ladies clothing store...
Loving these fashions... and those figures!!! (okay maybe not the hats-ha ha) When I imagine Anita A.K.A Blossom at work....I sort of have this vision of her with a customer! lol
Aren't these sweaters cute? And just look at how tiny their waists are!!! How is that even possible???
Anyone know what a centennial party is? And where I can get a waistline like that? it all makes sense...I have to wonder how they managed to smile with that on! Maybe that is where the phrase "smiling through the pain" came from. lol
After they put the slimmer on...they added a nicely knit belt to match some hand knit sandals. WAIT-did I say hand knit sandals?
You bet your girdle I did! (did you notice the model foot?- nice toenails!!! lol) Has anyone seen or made these?
The funny thing is that my grandmother made my son a sweater very similar to this when he was born! Not much in kids sweaters has changed....
Love these illustrations...and look how sweet the outfits are!
And the well dressed gentleman will be wearing...
There's some a seashell motif! This seems a little familiar to many of us today...I know someone out there has done something similar.
Hey TABLESCAPERS....take a look! It makes me think of Blossom!! Maybe it is because it is just so ladylike!
Anyone make a candle like this before? Darla??? I think if you click the photo the directions are readable on this and many of the following projects... I wish it was in kinda looks a little like a flaming turd-hey I'm just sayin'! lol
HMMMMM...this is not a new trend? lol- and here we thought we were being original!
Miss Janice!!! Do you have this book???
I wonder if these are hard cover books? I'd love to get my hands on this one. I have done a sofa or two...more than likely the hard way.
Well we all should get this one! Faye???? didn't you mention a need for a new wardrobe??? hey-"I'm just sayin'" lol
Gift suggestions....Hey Gloria...check out those plates! Didn't someone post that candle holder a few weeks back?
Hey Dirt Princess!!! I bet your education cost way more than this did!!! lol
I need this one for my ugly sofa set...AND the slipcover I tried to make was a disaster!
I actually own a sewing machine like this one...only it is a singer. And I have a treadle one Why don't I smile when I am sewing...maybe I need a "slimmer" to bring on the grins!
Check this out Trash Talking Debbie!!!
I have seen this a recent decorating magazine...I wonder if they "borrowed" it?
This is a very cute idea...never seen it before...maybe not large enough for the amount of socks and undies in this house...Busy calls her leotards "lady tards'-not and there are NO hankies here...G-R-O-S-S!
What on earth is vegetable glue? The original mod podge?
Doodling on an apron...
Look at the Easter egg decorating ideas!
How neat is this one?
A MUST for every knitting lady... looks very similar to fish tank tubing...but hey-that's just me.
Anyone have one? Faye??? Maybe one of you or your "Woolies" has one?
OH PUH-LEEEEZE!!!! I almost choked on my Dr. Pepper tonight when I read this one...I had not noticed it before...but can you say OFFENSIVE???? You'd never see an ad like this today!
"Enclose coin"? Now that's definitely not happening today...not only do you not send coins or cash in the mail....but exactly what CAN you get for 25cents? Not even a stamp where I live!
Well...I hope you enjoyed and possibly got inspired by some of the little ideas in this post...I do hope to see you all right back here to join me for Fertilizer Friday!!! QMM....Are you listening??? hint hint!