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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Look! It's Supermom!.....and she's down...but not for long..

While you gals in the U.S. were busy filling your tummies with turkey and all the trimmings, I was doing a LOT of work around here too. I had two full days of freedom this weekend. My children went to a hockey tournament about 3 hours north east of here, and I had the house to myself. They had a wonderful time...My superstar scored three more goals, and he and the girls played in the pool of the hotel, they were excited about a power outage that had the fire trucks come to the hotel to rescue some team mates from the elevator, (apparently a good portion of the town was in the dark for a good hour or more), and an all around happy weekend. I was a bit disappointed that I missed it, as some of my old high school chums had kids playing in the tournament as well and it would have been nice to see them again after all these years, but was not in the cards. Next time!
What did I do while I was rambling around alone all weekend in my house? Well aside from snuggle around with Miss Pooh (dog)....I was a super busy least for a few hours.
What do you think I did?
Put my Tree up? - No...and as a matter of fact I am about a month behind in that area...
Clean out the garage? - Nope!....I sort of did that last week...the rest will wait till after the new year when I put the Christmas stuff back in...(if I ever get it out) lol
Relax in a hot bath with bubbles? - NO!!! who exactly do you guys think I am? lol (that involves sitting still!
Go out with friends? -No, that's next week....
Want a hint????
Okay...I will give you not one...but three!
1.Heart of Bronze
2. Rattan Palm
3. Walnut Grove
Once I have a few shots of this project to share...I absolutely will!
It is a huge undertaking, that I did manage to get more than half way finished the first day, and would have completed and included photos today, but I popped one of my hips out of place moving a very large and heavy object.....and moving, sitting, laying down, standing, or just breathing is quite painful. No worries, this has happened a few times over the last couple of years, a quick trip to the chiropractor and I will be as good as new...and will once again don my supermom cape, and disclose the finished product.
I must sign off now, this position is making me ache a bit....stay tuned, hopefully I will have something to share by Wednesday (if not sooner)!