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Monday, December 7, 2009

Builders Beige.....BE GONE!!!

Happy Monday all! I am linking in and thanking Nan over at Momstheword. She hosts a great little meme called Making your Home Sing. After you are done seeing my entry, head over and see who else is involved.
Today I am coming to you live from the downstairs bathroom in my house today!
This is where the second room transformation took place. Come-I'll take you on a quick tour...
Do you recall the cleaning frenzy that Nan hosted a while ago? This was the result of that....please note the blue...the towel bar, the color of the towel rack...among other things.
This shot gives a view of the blue shower curtain....and some of the accessories...
Are we ready for the AFTER shots???
Can I get a drumroll? I SAID....DRUMROLL PLEASE!
TA-DA! Welcome to the tiny downstairs bath in my house! The builder's beige paint is GONE!
The towel rack has been spray painted black...I removed the towel bar that was in such a stupid place...each time you used the toilet, you would bang into it and knock the towels onto the floor!
The wall color is called HEART OF BRONZE....I am in LOVE with this is a great addition to the room...even though it is small, it still wears this dark color so very well.
A quick mirror change (that other mirror is too pretty to be hidden in a bath no one uses)
I removed the blues from this room for now...and plan to take the tub surround decorative curtains from the master bath and add them down here...but first need to make some new ones for the master that will wait.
And that is what I did to the teensy second bath one afternoon.
Wait till you see what I did that evening! (ha ha...yep, I'm a tease!)

I have had some major issues getting around to you all this weekend. Not only was it a busy weekend here....but blogger is not loading properly for me (and from what I hear, many of us) If the blog loads, I can't leave a comment! I hope they fix this soon, it's frustrating!
Until the next time....hugs!